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Amazon Prime Now – Should UPS & FedEx be concerned??

By Last updated on: November 9, 2015

Last Sunday was a dark and rainy day here in Houston – not an evening anyone wanted to be driving around in.  The previous week my Fitbit Charge unfortunately went to the big activity tracker in the sky.  After doing some research, I decided on the Fitbit Surge activity tracker. Amazon Prime could have it to me by Tuesday, or I could get in my truck and drive a few miles up to my nearest Best Buy.  Neither were viable options at the time.

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So I decided to check out Amazon Prime Now.  The price was the same, and I had a promo code that covered the full amount of the tip.  (For Sunday evening there was a recommended $20 tip, I believe it is lower during the week.)  I decided to try it out and submitted my order.  The Prime Now app showed me the order status and updates. A soon as it was ready, I received a notification with a neat map and the driver’s name and phone number should I need further assistance.

As I went about my normal Sunday night routine with getting my kids fed and cleaned up so they would be presentable for school on Monday, I kept checking my phone.  The Amazon Prime Now app gave me the GPS coordinates of the driver as he made deliveries before mine.  In less than 90 minutes from the time I ordered he was right around the corner, not 2 minutes later there was a ring at the door.  I peeked out the window to see a regular civilian car pulling out of my driveway.  As I eagerly went to the door, I received a text telling me my package was at the front door.

Amazon Prime Now Bag copy

I opened the door to see a brown paper sack with what resembled a shipping label sealing it closed.  It had my name, and barcode and some other information on it.  Inside was my brand new Fitbit Surge! Delivered to my door in about 90 minutes on Sunday evening.  No need for FedEx or UPS.

So is Amazon Prime Now the future?  Of course being in the UPS and FedEx auditing and logistics business, I enjoy seeing a UPS and FedEx truck rumble around my neighborhood.  I especially enjoy seeing them while I am sitting in Houston traffic, but that’s just me.

Amazon Prime Now GPS Delivery Map Refund Retriever Brian Gibbs

As of the beginning of November 2015, Amazon Prime Now is  offering 1-hour and 2-hour deliveries in Manhattan & Brooklyn, Baltimore, Atlanta, Miami, Dallas, Austin, Houston, Indianapolis, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, San Francisco, San Jose, San Antonio, Las Vegas, Sacramento, and Phoenix.  Some cities even have free delivery from popular restaurants.

But wait… It wasn’t over there for my Amazon Prime Now adventure.  After putting the Surge on and wearing it around the house I decided that it was not for me.  I contacted customer service for a return the next day and I was promptly emailed a UPS Ground return label.  So I guess they are not completely out from under the need for UPS yet, there is no one hour returns.  Off to the nearest UPS authorized shipping center to drop-off my UPS Ground return package.

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