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Why didn’t I get a refund on my late package?

By August 26, 2015

When you pay to ship with FedEx and UPS, you have a guaranteed delivery date and time. If your package is delivered even one minute late you are entitled to a full refund. Of course the carriers don’t notify you of the late package and voluntarily give you your money back.

However, there are exceptions to these guarantees, of course. Aside from the obvious refund denials – where the delay is outside of UPS or FedEx’s control, here are some other possible reasons that you will not see a GSR:

FedEx Ground & Express Packages

  1. The shipment contained special instructions, including, but not limited to, FedEx Ground Call Tag service and FedEx Delivery Signature Options.
  2. There was an unexpected large release of packages from your shipping location.
  3. A charge for additional handling or address correction applied; see Rates in the FedEx Service Guide for details.
  4. FedEx received a request to redirect the shipment from a delivery address to a Hold at FedEx Location address.
  5. (Holiday Waiver) Packages tendered to FedEx Ground for delivery on the day after Thanksgiving will be scheduled for delivery on that day if the recipient business is open, but in any event, the delivery commitment will be extended to the next business day for application of the money-back guarantee.
  6. (Holiday Waiver) Packages tendered for delivery on holidays that are business days for FedEx Ground (for example, Good Friday and Presidents Day) will be scheduled for delivery on that day if the recipient business is open. However, if the recipient business is known by FedEx Ground to be closed due to the holiday, the packages will be scheduled for delivery on the next business day the recipient is open, but the money-back guarantee will not apply.
  7. (Holiday Waiver) The package was tendered for transportation during the 14 calendar days before Christmas

UPS Ground and Express Packages

  1. 2nd Day Air A.M.® for Residential deliveries.
  2. UPS Ground Returns Service Packages.
  3. Packages subject to a Large Package Surcharge or Additional Handling Fee, packages that exceed maximum size or weight limits.
  4. Shipments made using a call tag.
  5. Shipments subject to a UPS Delivery Intercept® request, Delivery Change Request, or a UPS My Choice® request.
  6. International Shipments for which the Shipper has selected the Receiver or Third Party as the payer of any applicable duties and taxes and Delivery is delayed until payment arrangements are made.
  7. UPS Ground Shipments or UPS® Standard Shipments that are picked up or scheduled to be delivered during the fourteen calendar days before December 25.

You can find more information about these exceptions in the FedEx and UPS Service Guides. If you are looking for a pro to audit your parcels, look no further because Refund Retriever is here to help. We are a provider of cost reduction, cost recovery and shipping automation technologies to recover carrier billing errors and service failures with parcel auditing services. We ensure every UPS and FedEx invoice is correct.


UPS Service Guide Terms and Conditions

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