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Video: FedEx Air Traffic vs Midwest Storms

By March 12, 2011

Video: FedEx Air Traffic vs Midwest Storms These two videos offer a fascinating look at FedEx air traffic as it reacts to serious storms. The pilots, crew, and controllers work together to minimize risk in some hazardous conditions. Both videos are from FedEx’s internal systems.

The first video is from early 2008, centered on the major FedEx hub of Memphis, TN, as a powerful storm system passes through. Over a span of about 4 hours, hundreds of FedEx flights either land quickly before the storm passes over, or divert around the storm system to land safely after it passes.

The second video is from mid 2003, again centered on the Memphis hub, and shows hundreds of planes trying to land just before the storm hits, or circling around waiting for it to pass while more air traffic piles up behind. As many commenters mention, it looks a lot like ants scurrying around.

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