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Amazon Seller Tools – 9 Essential Options The Pros Use

October 25, 2017

Successful Amazon sellers use an assortment of powerful Amazon seller tools to drive sales and operate efficiently. Your Amazon seller account provides basic tools to manage products and orders, but most sellers quickly realize that to grow on Amazon, far better solutions are needed. That’s where third-party Amazon seller tools can help.

You can find third-party Amazon seller tools to improve every aspect of selling on Amazon, from scouting profitable products, creating keyword-focused Amazon listings, and maintaining Buy-Box pricing, to managing inventory, shipping, and much more. The real challenge is understanding all of your options and finding the right mix of tools to efficiently manage your particular Amazon ecommerce operation.

Here’s a look at 9 types of Amazon seller tools designed to help you drive higher Amazon sales, profits, and overall efficiency, plus a selection of popular options for each:

1. Amazon Seller Tools for Faster Payouts

Amazon pays its sellers every two weeks, but payout tools can help Amazon sellers get paid much faster, even daily. This type of service is commonly known as factoring. The service, or factor, pays Amazon sellers daily based on sales totals. Then, the factor collects funds directly from Amazon per the normal payout schedule.

This service can help you grow faster by providing immediate access to cash. Getting paid by Amazon just two times each month can put a real kink in your cash flow. It makes it hard to manage the many supplier, advertising, and operating bills that come due each week. A payout tool pays you daily, so you have control over your cash flow to pay bills on your schedule, not Amazon’s.

There’s one service that has developed a factoring/payout tool specifically for Amazon which provides daily payouts to sellers of all sizes.

2. Amazon Seller Tools for Repricing & Price Management

Amazon repricer tools integrate with Amazon seller accounts to monitor listings and automatically adjust product prices up or down, following competitor moves. Sellers set parameters based on profit strategies and Buy Box pricing targets, then the repricing tool does the work, 24/7. Without repricers, sellers must rely on limited Seller Central pricing features and time-consuming daily management.

If you sell a fair selection of products, manually tracking all of your competitors’ pricing moves and adjusting your prices in Seller Central is nearly impossible. Your Seller Central dashboard gives you basic high/low pricing levels, but that’s all. Since competitive pricing is key to winning the coveted “Buy Box,” position throughout the day, a bad pricing strategy can be a major drag on sales. But Repricing tools can take care of everything price-related, on autopilot, plus help you avoid price wars that can sink profits fast.

Repricing tools are Amazon power sellers’ secret weapon. Without them, it’s impossible to maintain the pricing that drives volume sales. But repricers aren’t reserved for major players. Take a look at BQool if you want to keep ahead of the competition without dipping into your profits–their repricing software starts as low as $25/month. Click here to start a free 14-day trial.

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