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Refund Retriever audits for late delivery, duplicate charges, and surcharge mistakes. We provide free reports and analytics 24/7, giving insight into shipping activities and potential money-saving opportunities.

ShipWorks provides fantastic tools for a successful online store.

Refund Retriever integrates effortlessly with your FedEx / UPS shipping accounts, automatically audits your packages, disputes issues on your behalf, and ensures you receive the refunds you’re entitled to.


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  • Free reports and analytics!
    Free reports and analytics

    Available 24/7 – find potential money-saving opportunities

  • No fees!
    No fees!

    We’ll only ask for a % of the refunds you received due to our disputing

How we operate:

Easy Integration

Setting up your service with Refund Retriever is easy and convenient. Providing us the data we need takes just minutes, and then you can relax while we do all of the work. We’ll audit, dispute, and verify you receive the refunds, and you can watch your shipping costs decrease.

It’s that easy. You don’t have to change anything about how you ship, and there’s no effect on your shipping software. Our service is independent of these aspects.

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