Our clients place high value on their privacy. So do we. We take the privacy, confidentiality, and security of your information very seriously.

This page explains our privacy policies and our dedication to privacy and security of your information – what information we gather, how we protect it, how we use it, and who can access it. When you provide your information to us, you agree to the use of this data as outlined below.

At Refund Retriever, we will not give, sell, distribute, or otherwise release any information about any of our clients or their shipments to any individual, company, or organization, for any reason.

Additionally, any clients that are required to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) can expect our cooperation in accommodating confidentiality agreements.

Information we gather

You do not have to submit personal information to visit our public web site. We use traffic analytics and conversion tracking services which collect basic information which is not personally identifiable, and which does not collect sensitive information. These services record information such as IP address, domain, browser and pages visited, and we may use this information for systems administration, troubleshooting purposes and to report aggregate data. This data is used to analyze traffic and ensure we provide a useful, effective web site. Our web site uses cookies in order to improve navigation and to allow access to certain areas. Most browsers will allow visitors to decline cookies, although this may prevent access to certain areas of our site.

The personally identifiable information we collect, such as your name, company, email address, and phone number, is only collected when you voluntarily submit it to us. We do not typically seek sensitive information (e. g., data relating to race or ethnic origin, religious beliefs, criminal record, physical or mental health, or sexual orientation) from visitors.

Once you are signed up for our service, with your consent our software will collect information about your shipping activities, such as information about shipments and invoices from the carriers. This information will be stored in a secure manner (for more, see this page detailing our security measures), and will only be used to provide our services to you (see “Use of information” below, as well as our Terms and Conditions).

Neither our traffic analytics services nor site cookies will have access to your personal information or your shipping information.

Use of information

As customers of our service, we will need certain information about you. When you sign up and submit this information, all of your information will be submitted via an encrypted connection with our server to protect it from unauthorized access. Once inside our servers, this data will be protected using a variety of methods (see our security page for more information), and will be used to provide our logistics monitoring services to you.

As customers of our service, our internal software will make use of information about your shipping activities, such as data about shipments as well as data from your carrier invoices. As above, this data will be protected using a variety of reasonable and appropriate methods, to protect against its loss, misuse, and unauthorized access.

As customers of our service, we will send periodic information about our services. Weekly notifications about your shipping activity, as well as monthly invoices with details about our activity are at the core of our service. From time to time we may need to contact you about our services, and reserve the right to use the information provided (such as phone or email) to do so. We may also wish to give you information about special offers or updates to our services.

We also maintain the internal, private area for our customers to view information about their shipping as well as our activity. This area is provided to our customers as part of the core of our services, as it provides information about refunds, notification about certain shipments, and detailed reports about various aspects of shipping activities. This information is also the core of our service, and this area also has various safeguards in place to prevent unauthorized access and mis-use. You may find more detail about such measures on this page detailing our security measures.

We may aggregate this information along with information of other customers, both for marketing purposes and as a service comparing your shipping with the aggregate of other customers. For example, we may demonstrate the percentage of late vs. on-time packages for various services, based on information from several or all of our customers. We may also highlight individual refund events, giving information such as the service used and the amount of money refunded. In these situations, we will avoid using any identifiable information about our customers or their shipments. For an example of comparison, we provide you with reports comparing your discount compared with the discounts of other (anonymous) customers at a similar volume.

Security and access to information

Due to the nature of the information we collect, we take security very seriously, and use many methods to ensure your information is protected from unauthorized access or use. These methods include physical, electronic, and logical safeguards designed into the system, and are explained in more detail on this page detailing our security measures.

Changes to our privacy policy

We may change our site, our services, or this privacy policy at some point in the future. Your continued use of our site and our services indicates your continued acceptance of these policies.

Questions and concerns

If you have any questions or concerns regarding privacy or security, please contact us.