How Does Amazon Auditing Work?

1. Sync your Amazon Seller or Vendor Account with Refund Retriever

2. We search for issues within your entire inventory lifecycle, and more

3. Refund Retriever will manually submit and track all claims!

4. Quarterly billing on actual savings. No refunds = No charge.

Damaged Inventory

When a fulfillment center damages products in inventory, Amazon is should reimburse the value of that product. Incidentally, this doesn’t always happen automatically.

Lost Inventory

Amazon can lose inventory. Our process identifies products Amazon loses but never reimburses the account. We file a dispute to receive the refunds you deserve.

Returns Not Sent Back

If a customer initiates a return, Amazon automatically deducts the amount from your seller account. But, if the customer doesn’t return the product to Amazon, they must reimburse you.

Incomplete Return Process

Ever have a return missing a crucial part that makes the item unsellable? If someone is not monitoring your system, you might not receive the full reimbursement due.

Why Does Amazon Owe Most FBA Sellers Money?

Amazon Inventory Lifecycle Tracking & Auditing 

Mishandled Refunds & Returns

Disposed of Inventory

Inbound Shipment Discrepancies

Lost & Misplaced Inventory

Incorrect Quantities

Damaged Inventory

Are your cases automated?

All of our cases are submitted manually by someone on our team who verifies the validity of the case before raising it with Amazon Seller Central. This ensures that we operate efficiently and comply with the Amazon Terms of Service (TOS).

How can I tell the difference between the refunds received due to Refund Retriever's effort vs the random credits I receive from Amazon with no action on my part?

When we set your account up, you will have an additional Amazon Seller Central case ID generated by our staff. We will only charge a fee for recoveries and refunds obtained through that case ID.

Any other reimbursements you may receive, whether generated by your own staff or by Amazon, will not be included in our reporting and fees.

How far back can you audit my Amazon Seller/Vendor Central Account?

From the start date, our team will manually audit all of your storefront data from the last 18 months. This is the furthest Amazon’s FBA Reimbursement Policy will allow you to claim for discrepancies. Amazon has a limited 9-month window for inbound shipment claims. We’ll sniff through all of your data to make sure you are properly reimbursed for any discrepancies that haven’t been auto-reconciled by Amazon, or by a member of your team!

What types of cases do we cover for FBA sellers?

We audit your entire Amazon inventory lifecycle for: 

    1. Missing from inbound  
    2. Lost inventory  
    3. Damaged inventory 
    4. Disposed of inventory  
    5. Return issues  
    6. Open product returns  
    7. Empty product returns  
    8. Incorrect product returns  
    9. Much more

Can I turn off the inbound shipment auditing - I can do this myself?

While we don’t recommend this, it is something we can do. Keep in mind, Amazon has a 9 month window for inbound shipment claims.

What are your fees?

The fee for our service will be 30% of the refunds recovered by our team. If we find you nothing, you owe us nothing!