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Refund Retriever Blog: FedEx & UPS shipment Auditing and Refunds

UPS Shipment Exceptions

UPS shipment exceptions occur when a UPS package meets an unexpected occurrence, which could change the scheduled delivery day. Examples of exceptions include address unknown, damage to the shipment, or signature not received. UPS Tracking Event Descriptions Below is an explanation of some standard tracking events from when the label…

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What is UPS Direct Delivery Only?

UPS offers many delivery options to suit your business needs. Direct delivery only (DDO) is what the name indicates; all your parcels are delivered directly to you, the shipper, or the consignee. What is UPS Direct Delivery Only? Direct Delivery Only guarantees a package is delivered to the residential or…

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UPS & FedEx Collect on Delivery (C.O.D)

Collect on delivery is available with UPS and FedEx small parcel shipping services. UPS & FedEx C.O.D. service allows you to sell to customers without extending credit or requiring prepayment. C.O.D. service is available on an individual package basis for most service levels. FedEx and UPS deliver the C.O.D. package…

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What goes into prepping items and shipping to Amazon FBA?

The Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program allows sellers to store their products in Amazon’s warehouses, where the eCommerce giant then handles the packing, shipping, and customer service for those products. This enables sellers to focus on other aspects of their business, like sourcing new products and marketing. However, FBA requires merchants to…

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