Contract Negotiation

FedEx and UPS both have very complicated contracts. Pricing agreements contain various charts for each service and break down even further into individual zones and weight ranges. Most companies lack the capabilities to truly analyze a contract or even understand their own shipping usage. Here at Refund Retriever we decided to give you two options when your carrier rep comes knocking with your new contract.

You lower rates, lower shipping spend and improve profitability! Each small parcel carrier contract usually has a defined term, they can be revised at any time. There is no reason to continue overpaying for freight and small parcel shipping!

Option 1: Our DIY Plan

We breakdown all your current costs, zones, weights and highlight where we see savings potentials with our own proprietary software.  It’s your job to take the data and turn it into the final contract.
Cost: 1% of yearly shipping spend.

DIY icon

  • Past 12 Month Spend
  • Service Analysis by Quantity, Level, Cost
  • Accessorial Cost Analysis
  • Fee Increase Projections
  • General Recommendations
  • Here are some tips on starting your own negotiations. DIY steps.
  • Contact Brian for more information: or call 1 (800) 441-8085

Option 2: Full Service 

No upfront payment, you are only charged when there is a realized savings from the newly signed contract. A partner of ours will perform a full rate and operations analysis, and will then formulate your plan of action. Once finished, they will reanalyze the proposed contracts at a three year rate split.
All fees are contingency based – you only pay when saving money.


  • Free initial benchmark analysis
  • Specialized custom reports at no additional charge.
  • Reduced Administrative Expenses: Focus on your core business.
  • Improve your carrier relationship and level of service
  • Total process usually takes no longer than six to eight weeks
  • Contact Brian for more information: or call 1 (800) 441-8085