Save 15-20% with
Carrier Contract Negotiation

Is your business getting the best pricing on your carrier contracts? Many companies think they have the best possible rates because the carrier representative assures this. Let Refund Retriever save your company 15% to 20% with a FedEx or UPS carrier contract negotiation.

Carrier contracts are difficult to understand and overly complicated on purpose. They contain multiple pricing tiers with different discounts for different weights and zones. You are probably an expert in your industry but not in shipping agreements and pricing. Refund Retriever can provide the reports, analytics, and understanding to cut through the agreement language and allow your business to achieve best-in-class shipping rates.

See how easy it is to lower shipping costs with Refund Retriever's small parcel contract negotiation services!

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Zero Out-Of-Pocket Cost

We help negotiate best in class pricing with your current carrier agreement or analyze a competing carrier’s rates. Our fee is a share of actual monthly savings. Save money on each package, and improve your bottom line.

Features of Contract Optimization:

+ Free initial discount rate benchmark analysis
+ Deep dive into agreement and shipping habits
+ Carrier pricing models and negotiation strategy
+ Savings quantification based on carrier proposals
+ Implement a new and improved carrier agreement
+ Monthly discount rate audit and reporting

1. Rate Analysis

How much money can you save? Start the carrier contract negotiation with a free small parcel analysis. Benchmark discount rates and individual accessorial fees. Allow us to create percentage-based savings projection and a preliminary outline savings roadmap.

2. Strategic Planning

Preparation and planning is the key. What are your wants and needs? Growth? Let us identify all relevant factors to prepare carrier request for proposal.

3. Carrier Contract Negotiation

Coaching and counseling your company’s point person with strategic recommendations is key. Know exactly how to respond to each carrier interaction. Expect contract negotiation to take 6-8 weeks but only require 4-6 hours of time on your part. All decisions are approved by your staff. You stay in the drivers seat the whole time.

4. Quantify Savings

Once the newly negotiated contract is in place, you will receive a detailed breakdown of the savings for each package. You will be able to see the hard costs savings for each package. See the lower rate for each package once the new contract in place.

5. Agreement Compliance

Are the agreement terms and discount rates properly applied to each invoice? Enjoy the confidence that each charge is meticulously audited. Avoid loopholes and unexpected charges.


We can help you make smarter decisions about your shipping!