What’s it going to cost me?

We charge a percentage of the refunds recovered – a fraction of the money you’re currently not recovering. We do not charge any setup or monthly fee. We request payment from you (via monthly invoice) only after the refund appears on your FedEx or UPS invoice: if there is no refund, you owe us nothing!

Our fee is 50% of whatever refunds we obtain on your shipping accounts. Large volume shippers: contact us for additional discounts.

Is there any contract or obligation?

There is no contract and no obligation. If at any time you want us to stop auditing your shipments, just tell us to stop. This is a totally risk-free offer.

How much savings can I expect?

On average, you can expect a 5 to 10% reduction of your bill. However, you will surprisingly see LARGER savings from time to time. The actual savings depend on your shipping pattern, the efficiencies of the carrier drivers and hubs along the routes from you to your destinations, the mix of service types you tend to use, and time of the year.

Where do UPS and FedEx apply credits? Where do the refunds go?

All refunds are credited directly to you from the carriers. FedEx and UPS apply the credit to your accounts. Once a month we will send full details of all the credits (refunds) you received as a result of our auditing activity. We’ll only ask you to pay us after you can verify the refunds and only if you’re 100% satisfied.

FedEx will apply the credit directly to the same invoice the original package appeared, so you pay a smaller amount for the invoice.

FedEx invoice history money-back guarantee credit

UPS will apply the credits to the next invoice. It will lower the total amount for that week’s invoice by the previous week’s credits. No need to adjust your payment, UPS already does it for you!

UPS Service Guarantee - Invoice Summary

Does Refund Retriever audit DHL invoices?

Unfortunately not. With all UP & FedEx refunds we obtain and bill our clients, we can confirm the credits online. DHL does not allow this, we are not able to easily confirm the refunds and show our work.

Does Refund Retriever have an affiliate program?

Yes, we do have an affiliate program for businesses that have existing relationships with parcel shippers. Contact Brian (1-800-441-8085) for more information. Our current affiliate program partners include Atandra, 3d Cart, Big Commerce, Shipworks, U-pic Insurance, and more in the works.

Does Refund Retriever have an referral program?

Yes, we do have a referral program for customers of Refund Retriever. You must be a current customer of Refund Retriever to participate, earn credits toward your invoices just by telling other shippers about us! Contact Brian (1-800-441-8085) for more information.

Does Refund Retriever offer contract negotiation services?

No. FedEx & UPS have a policy to not work with third-party negotiators. Our core competency is audit FedEx & UPS invoices for late packages and billing mistakes. This is our focus.

We do provide many reports and free analytics to help with your negotiations. We can benchmark your shipping volumes with similarly sized parcel shippers and allow you to compare your rages for free! Our reports will analyze your volumes, zones, weights, and much more.

Do you give a better rate to large volume shippers?

Yes, contact Brian@refundretriever.com (1-800-441-8085) for more information. Please let us know a ballpark amount of your spend with FedEx or UPS each year. If the majority of your packages are express or international, let us know!

How do you know what I ship each week? Do I need to send you a weekly file?

No! Once you authorize us to track your shipments, the carriers will provide us the information we need each day at no charge to you. Signing up for this service may require a brief setup step that takes only five minutes. Our friendly support staff can walk you through this. We help you establish online billing accounts for each carrier and then fully audit your invoices. We go over your weekly invoices to ensure you only pay for what you ship.

Why use Refund Retriever instead of claiming the refunds myself?

  • We monitor all your shipments — not just the expensive ones!
  • Carriers have reasons to void their service guarantee for late shipments, resulting in about a 50% of these late shipments do not qualify for any service guarantee refund
  • About 50% of late shipments do not qualify for a refund due to exceptions during transit that void the guarantee, adding to administrative hassle you would be taking on
  • Our system has an extensive Knowledge Base of exceptions to qualify late shipments for dispute processing,
  • It’s just easier!
  • We also offer – free of charge – helpful notifications of potential problems, and detailed reports of your shipping activities.

Can I claim the service failure refunds myself?

Absolutely, you can — but most companies never claim these guaranteed refunds because:

  • They don’t know the shipment is late unless the recipient calls to complain.
  • They don’t want the administrative hassle of claiming the refund.
  • There isn’t enough time in the day to track hundreds of shipments when the majority will be on time.

Furthermore, if you want to claim the refunds yourself, you must:

  • Review the carriers’ service guarantees,
  • Monitor all packages: obtain an Estimated Delivery Date/Time and Actual Delivery Date/Time for each,
  • Identify all service failures by comparing these dates,
  • For identified late shipments, check for exceptions that void the guarantee,
  • … and do all of these for all packages within the imposed time limits (the carrier gives a 15 day dispute window) … and, lastly,
  • Ensure the refund was applied to your account.

… and you must do this for every package, every time.

Will this upset the carriers?

No, except that they’d rather keep your money than return it to you! These are the guarantees they offer to everyone. They offer a delivery guarantee because they want your business … what they don’t tell you is how confusing and time consuming it is to get your refund. They count on the fact that most businesses don’t know they can get refunds, or if they do know won’t go through the effort.

Do UPS and FedEx really guarantee their deliveries?

Absolutely. In fact, here is the information directly from the source.

What about Ground? Does that have a guarantee?

Absolutely! UPS has a guarantee for Ground service, no matter if it’s a commercial or residential destination. FedEx also has the same guarantee, no matter if it’s Ground or Home Delivery. For all of these Ground services, if the package is just one day late, you’re entitled to a full refund … and we get a lot of refunds for Ground!

How does Refund Retriever differ from other companies?

  • Refund Retriever charges a small percentage of the refund
  • At any time you can view all the activity we have taken on your behalf, see all the pending and confirmed refunds, late packages that were ineligible for refunds, and view all your invoices.
  • Refund Retriever sends a detailed monthly invoice that shows you all the packages we have processed
  • We show you exactly where to find each individual refund for your own verification of our work
  • You can pay with a check in the mail, online through our monthly detailed electronic invoice with PayPal, or place a credit card on file for automatic payments
  • Refund Retriever has no setup fee or monthly service fees

How do the carriers make this process more challenging?

They do this in many ways, including time limits on obtaining refunds, placing all needed information in several separate locations, adjusting estimated delivery dates in communications, etc. For more details take a look here.