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We will provide detailed reports covering all aspects of your shipping activity, giving you an accurate picture of what’s happening and verifying your discounts, and providing you with intelligence to make smarter decisions about your shipping. The cost for all of this invaluable business intelligence? Free!

Below are just a few of the reports available as soon as you sign up:

All of these reports allow you to view the analysis for any combination of carrier accounts (i.e. all accounts, just FedEx, just UPS, just these three, just this one, etc) as well as any date-range available (i.e. past 30, 60, 90 days, past month, year-to-date, etc).

Best of all, each of our reports is available for download as a comma-delimited CSV file, which you can easily import into Excel or any other software and then do anything you wish.




Reports – Disputes and Refunds

Naturally, we will provide you with lots of information about carrier reliability, disputes, and refunds for your shipments. You can even use these reports to compare service levels, accounts, or even carriers. Here are a few examples:

Disputes Pending


Confirmed Refunds


Late Packages by Service


Address Corrections List


Disputes by Carrier Account


Overall Carrier Reliability


Residential Surcharges by Service


List of Non-Shipments (Voids)


… and many more!




Reports – Shipping Analysis

We also provide a detailed analysis of what your shipping activity looks like, whether it be daily / monthly activity summary, zone-and-weight summary, zone-and-service-level summary, cost per pound shipped, etc. Here are a few examples:

Zone and Service Summary


Zone and Weight Summary


Cost Per Pound


Services & Discounts Summary


… and many more!




Reports – Benchmarking

This is our newest service!

Are you getting the rate discount your volume deserves? You’ve negotiated with the carrier for a certain level of discounts for each service, but how do you compare to other companies shipping at a similar volume? With our small parcel rate discount benchmarking report, you can see this easily!

The report benchmarks the discount on a per-service basis (i.e. Ground, Priority Overnight, etc). We often see a customer will have a higher-than-average discount on some services compared to similar shippers, and have an average or low discount on others.


Shipping Discount: High

These customers are receiving a higher discount than similar shippers, for the chosen service.



Shipping Discount: Average

These customers are receiving an average discount compared to similar shippers, for the chosen service.



Shipping Discount: Low

These customers are receiving a lower discount than similar shippers, for the chosen service.


… and this is just the beginning!

Bottom line: we can help you make smarter decisions about your shipping

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