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FedEx Late Package Refund Denied?

By Last updated on: January 18, 2019

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Here at Refund Retriever, we are constantly improving our refund technology software to get the maximum amount of FedEx late delivery refund credits from the carriers.   Guaranteed service refunds (GSR) are available when the carrier delivers a package even 60 seconds late. Sometimes FedEx late package refunds are denied. 

Late Delivery Refund Automation

Refund Retriever automates every step in the process.  From downloading invoices to disputing late deliveries, but many times there are roadblocks that prevent automation from being 100% effective.  Recently a client emailed us with a list of denied FedEx disputes that we submitted.  They were concerned because 5 out of the 5 refunds submitted on the invoice were denied.  

This year we implemented a filter that catches these late FedEx packages that were denied a refund credit.  Once we see the denial, our system populates another list and our in-house phone dispute agents call FedEx customer service to have the refunds processed.  It is a time consuming process but our client are seeing more refunds each week.  

Take a look at the email our client received from om FedEx.  Each package was denied, upon investigation, we found that these were automated disputes submitted by our parcel recovery software.
Email from Client


Secondary FedEx Late Package Refund Call

Once we confirmed the service failure denial, the package was then populated in our phone call list.  Why was the dispute denied the first time if it was really a late delivery?  We looked at the dispute information on the FedEx Online Billing invoice history to view the reason for the denial.  FedEx denied the dispute because there was an existing payment on file.  There is a 15-day time limit to get refunds for late packages, and we were within the 15 days.  Our client paid the invoice as soon as it was available, this caused FedEx to automatically deny the GSR service failure request.


A call was placed to the FedEx customer service center and our phone dispute agent was able to get refunds on all 5 of these late packages.  FedEx automatically denied the initial refund requests but our recently implemented steps paid off and we saved this customer $98.42 on an invoice that originally would have cost $4253.53.  This is a 2.3% savings.  

FedEx Late Package Refund

Our persistence and determination to get all the refunds for our clients makes us the parcel audit pros.  Since 2006 we have been trusted by shippers to lower shipping costs.  Does your auditing company take these extra steps?  Refund Retriever does and our clients’ always benefit.  

If you ship a large volume of FedEx packages without ever seeing a late package refund, contact Refund Retriever for more information.  Also, you can visit us in August at the RS Expo 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  

FedEx Money-Back Guarantee Waiver

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