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Refund Retriever will automatically detect issues with your shipments, apply for refunds, and verify those refunds appear. The carriers make it a difficult process; that’s where we come in!

Your only cost for this service: a portion of the refunds we find for you! That’s right – we won’t ask for a nickel unless we can prove the carrier has already credited you a dime!

Our auditing service leads to refunds in these situations:


Late Deliveries

The package missed guaranteed delivery date and is eligible for a GSR (Guaranteed Service Refund).


Duplicate Charges

A package was billed more than once on the same or two different invoices.


Incorrect Dimensional Weight Charges

The carrier charged a higher rated weight fee than the actual weight and DIM weight.



The package entered into the carrier system and billed, but never shipped from your location. Also known as “voids.”


Incorrect Address Corrections

The carrier charges fees for an address correction, that you had correct on the original manifest.


Incorrect Saturday Charges

The carrier should have picked up / delivered on a Saturday, and did not.


Incorrect Residential vs. Commercial Surcharges

The carrier charges residential carrier fees when the recipient is a business.

How you’ll get refunds

These refunds will appear as credits to your account, sometimes on the same invoice as the shipment, and sometimes on a future invoice.

Example – Late Delivery / Guaranteed Service Refund:
Let’s say you spend $40 to send a package today for delivery to New York City by noon tomorrow. Further, let’s say this package happens to arrive at 12:05 – five minutes late! You’re entitled to a full refund for the shipping charges associated with that package. But does the carrier call you to inform you of their tardiness and hand over your cash? NO WAY!

For this example, when your $40 Next Day Air Package arrives 5 minutes late … we ensure the carrier either removes the $40 charge, or credits the $40 back to you!

We watch ALL of your packages, when a package is late we contact the carrier and have the charges taken off your unpaid invoice or have the credit applied to a future invoice.

These events happen all the time, and according to the service guarantees by FedEx and UPS they owe you a refund.

Your cost?

We charge a percent of the value of the refunds you receive due to our auditing, and only after we can prove you received the credit. If we don’t get you any refunds, you won’t owe us anything.

See this page for more details on shipping refunds.

The carriers may owe you refunds, but they’re not going to just give them to you.

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