How It Works

How Refund Retriever Works


No Monthly Fee • No Setup Fee • No Cancellation Fee






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We verify invoice access









It’s that easy! From here on, we will audit every package for:

Late Deliveries (GSRs)

Non-Shipments (Voids)

Duplicate Charges

Incorrect Address Corrections, Residential Surcharges, Saturday Charges …






We highlight certain situations you’ll want to be aware of, like:

3rd parties using your account

Gross overcharges









You also have 24-7 access to detailed reports such as:

Cost Per Pound Shipped

Discounts by Service

Shipments by Zone and Service

Shipments by Zone and Weight

… and more!







Our only fee is a percentage of whatever refunds we obtain on your shipping accounts, view pricing page.

Get the refunds you deserve, get notifications of potential issues, and get detailed
information to help you make better decisions.
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