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We will highlight certain situations you’ll want to be aware of, such as 3rd parties shipping on your account and potential gross overcharges. Best of all, this service comes at no cost to you!

We will detect:


3rd Party Billing

What if someone else uses your account to send packages? How would you know? We will provide a list of any packages not originating at our clients address or ending at our clients address. This list will help you identify and resolve possible mistakes, especially if they are repeated often.


Gross Overcharges

What if a $13 package goes into the system as $130? What if an $8 surcharge enters the system as $80? We will provide a list of packages over a certain dollar amount. This list will help you identify and resolve possible mistakes.

For example:

A glitch causes a $9 ground shipment to be billed to you for $90 … or a $20 express package to become $200. Are you certain you would catch it? We’ll make sure you can and we can help you fix them.

These situations crop up all the time, but how can you know about it?

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