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Error in FedEx Tracking- Mistake or Not?

By Last updated on: January 18, 2019

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Here at Refund Retriever, we are constantly growing and building our business. We recently announced the addition of a full-time marketing coordinator to the Refund Retriever team. In preparation of her arrival, we had to expand our office space as well as fill it with all the computer equipment and furniture needed. 

Much of the smaller items we needed were purchased off Amazon. Two of the items purchased were an office chair and four toner cartridges for a new printer. As an Amazon Prime account holder, we receive free two-day delivery directly to our door upstairs. As a side note, we often purchase Monster Energy drinks from a vendor a few cases at a time – quite a heavy load. I am sure our FedEx and UPS drivers are not our friends. Those are the days I am thankful for free shipping and the fact that the FedEx driver cannot spit in our drinks. But I digress. Back to the fedex tracking error story at hand…

FedEx Tracking Error?

Refund Retriever FedEx Tracking Error

FedEx Tracking – Business Closed

Refund Retriever FedEx Amazon prime delayed

Amazon Order Tracking Status

The toner was delivered by FedEx Express Next Day Air service, at 2:23 PM on Friday. Around 3:30 I decided to check on the status of the office chair. I searched my Amazon Prime orders and our package was scheduled to be delivered FedEx Standard Overnight, by 3:00 PM. Within Amazon Prime there was a delivery delay notification, and I saw “Delivery attempted – Business closed due to holiday ” at 12:51PM. The problem was, however, that we had physically been in the office since 7:55AM. Not to mention the fact that our FedEx Express driver was here at 2:23 PM!!!

So let’s review: FedEx Express “attempted” to deliver a package to our business in the middle of the day with 6 people in the office that they claimed was closed. The same office that received a different FedEx package at 2:23 that afternoon.

FedEx Driver Mistake? 

Was this an error in FedEx’s data? Did a driver hit the wrong button? Did the driver not feel like lugging a 42lb package up the stairs? Or was this strategic so the package was not eligible for a money back guarantee as each FedEx & UPS ground and express package is guaranteed to arrive on time or the shipping costs are fully refundable.

Since we did not pay for the shipping ourselves, I’m not concerned about the shipping costs. It cost us nothing for overnight delivery with the Amazon Prime account, but Amazon can request a refund. But with the delay in the tracking history as it reads now, the likelihood of getting a refund is slim. Amazon would need to call a representative and escalate the request. We have been through this many times. After the initial customer service representative spends 5 minutes researching the package, they would then send the call to a manager. The manager would put Amazon on hold, call the service center to contact the driver, and figure out where the package really is located.

If everything goes in favor of Amazon, FedEx would tell them a refund request will need to be manually entered. Once this happens, Amazon still would need to check the invoice history a few times. Quite an inefficient and time-consuming process whether you’re a high-volume shipper like Amazon or the new Mom-and-Pop store in the neighborhood.

FedEx Driver’s Thoughts

We decided to ask the driver about the tracking history when he showed up around 3:50 pm, 50 minutes after the guaranteed delivery time. He told us a someone had recently brought him a bunch of freight that was late, and that this wasn’t even his regular route. The driver even said the circumstances were “real strange” because the guy that gave him the packages was a manager. The manager stated the packages arrived late and instructed the driver to get them delivered. I printed out and showed the driver the full tracking history, and he said this package was not attempted at 12:50 as the tracking showed.

Did the manager scan all the packages given and put the “Business Closed” in the tracking to prevent the GSR requests? FedEx keeps internal on-time efficiency stats. Did a manager mark all of these packages with “Business Closed” in order to keep the on time efficiency as high as possible? Is this a standard procedure? I have had clients calling for help with similar issues; recipient has on-time all day and the tracking states there was an attempt.

Save money on your FedEx invoices

Companies that ship on a daily basis do not have time to deal with irate customers when they see bogus FedEx tracking errors. Take a look at the video. We have pixilated the driver’s face to protect him. If you ship FedEx or UPS and need help finding your late packages and billing mistakes, call us. We’ve been there too, and we can help.


Amazon Prime Delayed Order Status

Amazon Prime Delayed Order Status

FedEx tracking that shows Express delivery already made for the day













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