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Top 7 Must-Have Tools for Amazon Sellers

October 25, 2017

I get asked all the time “What software do you use to manage and grow your Amazon account?”

Here is a list of the software that I personally use and am not affiliated with:

Jungle Scout – Jungle Scout allows you to see the estimated sales volume of any product on Amazon. It is very quick and responsive and if you get the web app or pro version, it allows you to do much more including seasonal trends, profit calculator and helps figure out FBA fees. Jungle Scout is one of the oldest and best sales estimation softwares out there for Amazon. Its Chrome extension is something that all Amazon sellers and professionals should have. With a one-time fee of $99, it is by far the best software for its price.

Feedback Genius – Feedback Genius is a software that comes out of the company Seller Labs. I set up Feedback Genius for every account I manage. It is a quick and easy way to email any of the people who bought your product and ask for a review. It’s a great way to get happy buyers to leave five star reviews, while at the same time it allows you to reach out to the customer and be proactive to mitigate negative customer experiences before they turn into negative reviews.

Refund Retriever and Refunds Manager – These two pieces of software are very similar but help with different problems. Refund Retriever helps if you are doing a lot of merchant fulfilled shipping. Fedex and UPS are not always accurate and so Refund Retriever goes out and makes sure you get reimbursed every time one of your freight carriers makes a mistake. Refunds Manager does the same thing but for Amazon. Refunds Manager makes sure that all of the inventory you send into Amazon shows up at Amazon. If there is a discrepancy, then Refunds Manager files a case and gets you your money back for the lost inventory.

Appeagle – Appeagle is one of the easiest and cheapest repricers out there. Appleagle’s job is to reprice your products’ pricing relative to your competitors so you always win the buy box on the listing you are selling on. In English, it helps you reduce your price penny by penny so you steal sales from a competitor because they have a higher price.

AMZTRACKER – AmzTacker allows you to track your products ranking for different keywords. If you are not tracking your keywords, you are flying blind. Almost every Amazon purchase starts with a search, and so you need to know exactly what the customers are searching and how do you rank for it.

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