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UPS Large Package Surcharge

By Last updated on: February 18, 2020

Many shippers open their weekly UPS invoices to find a few surprises in the form of a UPS large package surcharge. Therefore we are going to examine this surcharge in more detail. What is a large package surcharge? What is the cost? How can we negate the charge to lower your business shipping fees?

What is the UPS large package surcharge?

UPS large package surcharge

For domestic shipments, a UPS large package surcharge is applied if the length (longest side of the box) plus girth [(width x 2) + (height x 2)] combined exceeds 130 to 165 inches or the package length is 96 to 108 inches.

Next, let us examine international shipments. A UPS large package surcharge is applied when its length (longest side of the box) plus girth [(width x 2) + (height x 2)] combined is over 130 inches. Incidentally, length does not matter for international packages as they do for domestic.

How much is the UPS large package surcharge?  

What else do you need to know? 

  • The UPS large package surcharge applies to domestic and international shipments.
  • An additional handling charge will not be assessed when a large package surcharge applies.
  • Large packages are subject to a minimum billable weight of 90 pounds. 

How can a shipper lower large package surcharge fees? 

1: Know your box dimensions

Size limits indicated by a box manufacturer do not reflect the exterior dimensions of a package. Furthermore, a package may have bulges or may not be uniform across each face. Therefore, the box dimensions should not be used when determining the actual length, width, and height measurements. As a rule, always measure each package when determining dimensional weight.

2: Pack your items correctly

Improper packaging may result in the alteration of a package’s dimensions during transit. This can affect the package’s dimensional weight and result in a shipping charge correction. Consequently, a mistake could result in an additional UPS shipping charge correction audit fee.  

3: Negotiate a lower fee with UPS

If you are getting hit with lots of UPS large package surcharge fees, then it might be an excellent plan to have UPS lower the cost altogether. The discount could be a percentage of the total cost or a dollar amount. Request a 25% to 75% reduction in the price.  

4: Request a variance in the definition of the UPS large package surcharge fee

In some situations, a variance of the definition might be a better plan to explore during a UPS contract negotiation. For example, if you ship a specific package size that is always 97 inches, request a 2-inch variance in the 96-inch length rule. A variation will eliminate the UPS large package surcharge from your invoices.  

The UPS large package surcharge can cost your company and addition $95 to $115 per package. Likewise, if the package dimensions are combined over 165 inches or 108 inches in length, the UPS over maximum charge will apply. The over maximum charge is an additional $850 per package. Read more about the UPS over maximum limit charge on the blog below.  

UPS large package surcharge
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