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Do you ship? Get the refunds you deserve!

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5 Tips to Improve E-commerce Shipping

June 19, 2018

With e-commerce purchasing increasing year after year, it’s critical for online sellers to identify ways to strengthen their shipping efforts. Making shipping a priority when it comes to optimizing e-commerce businesses must top to-do-lists in order to keep online shoppers happy and online sellers successful. Keeping this in mind, consider how the five points below can help.

#1: Use Data to Understand the History of Your Shipping

Gaining clarity from your past shipping efforts can help you in your future shipping efforts – plain and simple. For ShipWorks customers this is easy thanks to detailed reports on nearly every data point, ultimately allowing businesses to be more effective in their shipping strategies. Through this data, online sellers can identify where their greatest shipping spend is, where opportunities to save money are and what efforts may not be as streamlined as possible. Collectively, these details welcome e-commerce businesses to improve their efforts and save money along the way.

#2: Benchmark Carrier Rates and Services

Understanding the range of services and costs involved that shipping carriers offer is among the best ways to optimize your shipping efforts. Industry leaders UPS and FedEx, for example, each provide similar delivery options – yet their rates may vary based on your location, where you are shipping to and more. These factors among others influence your bottom-line, therefore you need to be aware of these key details all year round. Go one step further in this process and be sure to review your carrier contracts no less than annually in an effort to gain the best rates and service possible for your ecommerce business. Explore more about contract negotiations and how they can benefit your online business here.

#3: Provide Easy-to-Navigate Check-Out Experiences

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