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April 30, 2015

Being aware of every detail in the shipping process is a must for all business owners. However, that does not always happen because they are more concerned with the quality of their product and their customers’ needs. There is a lot more to think about than getting a product from point A to point B, but it gets lost with the millions of other things that an entrepreneur thinks of. There are, however, numerous factors that control how quick, carefully, or cost-effectively their product travels from a 3PL warehouse to a doorstep, or how those factors impact quality and customer satisfaction.

While logistics and shipping mistakes are easily made in small businesses, the good news is that they’re often easy to identify and correct. Here are five ways to avoid common shipping mistakes all together:

  1. Give your customers the power of choice – Each customer is unique. Some may want their packages delivered at a faster rate, and are willing to pay more for the service. Others may not mind how fast their order gets to them as long as the shipping is free. According to a recent study conducted by ORC International, 82 percent of Americans prefer free shipping, while 17 percent prefer fast shipping where the parcel arrives in one to two days for a fee. However, the average price customers are willing to pay is $8.50, and only 19 percent of those who want fast shipping are willing to pay more than $10. The simple solution of providing your customers with multiple shipping options will allow them to choose the shipping method that they prefer, free or fast.

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