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RS News Magazine: Lower Your Shipping Costs With Refunds

December 7, 2017

With shipping rates on the rise each year, finding ways to lower shipping costs is essential to all store owners. In fact, FedEx recently announced a 4.9% average general rate increase that will take effect in 2018, however this rate increase is not 4.9% for each zone/ weight/service. Instead, packages under 20 pounds have an increase greater than 4.9%, which make up the majority of Refund Retriever clients and possibly include yourself, as well. To gain a better understanding of this, the graph on page 10 provides details on what to expect from 2018 FedEx Ground Rate increases.

In addition to these changes, the graph on page 10 identifies how the express rate increases have been segregated into various shipping services, such as overnight or 2-Day delivery.

These only represent the US domestic express services, where the rate increase seems to be higher as the time in transit increases. So just what should a shipper take away from these graphs and increases? Your FedEx shipping costs will increase by a percentage greater….

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