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Shipping Tips for Multi-Channel Sellers: What You Need to Know

July 24, 2018

Incorporating a multi-channel sales strategy into your e-commerce goals not only allows you to expand your product listings, but it also increases your chance for more online exposure and promotional offerings. Collectively, these efforts provide multi-channel sellers the opportunity to reach an expansive marketplace and gain more consumer attention – something any online seller can appreciate. These efforts, however, don’t come easily. It takes time, it takes strategy and it takes effort to fully reach online selling goals – particularly when multiple channels are involved. This said, there are ways to help ease your online selling efforts and among them include streamlining and optimizing your shipping strategies. By doing this, sellers gain more clarity to where products are being shipped, more insight to the realities of their shipping overhead and more ways to make smarter, more strategic decisions in their future shipping efforts.

To help your multi-channel sales reach their fullest potential, consider how shipping can help. Explore three ways here to optimize your shipping below.

Tip #1: Review the History of Your Shipping

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