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UPS Fuel Surcharges

If your company ships UPS, you understand the effect UPS fuel surcharge has on shipping costs. The calculation is a percentage of the base rate and adds to the expense of each package. As a result, it covers additional fuel costs and keeps UPS profitable, even when fuel price increases. What is…

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Why are Fuel Surcharges so High?

FedEx and UPS fuel surcharges are at an all-time high. By the time this blog is live, the fuel surcharge will be even higher. UPS express fuel surcharge is 22.75%, and the ground is 18% as of June 13, 2022. FedEx express fuel surcharge is 22.75%, and the ground is…

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What are FedEx Fuel Surcharges?

Does your company ship with FedEx? You know FedEx fuel surcharges and understand these additional costs of transportation impact profitability. The FedEx Fuel Surcharge is an additional charge applied by FedEx to its shipping rates to adjust for the varying costs of fuel. Both ground and air shipping services can…

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