UPS Delivery Confirmation Services

As most shippers are aware, UPS provides additional delivery confirmation services as a value-added service. Of course, an additional charge applies for each service. A shipper can confirm delivery of their packages in more detail with the following UPS value-added services. So then, let’s take a look at some options…

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UPS Daily vs UPS Retail Rates

UPS-Daily-VS-UPS-Retail-Rates Refund Retriever

Many shippers do not realize there are two sets of package rates for all UPS services. The amount you pay for shipping is dependent on a few factors. Therefore it is important to ensure you are using the correct designation. Additionally, retail shipping rates might be completely different from the…

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UPS Fuel Surcharges

What are UPS Fuel Surcharges If your company ships UPS, you understand the impact UPS fuel surcharge has on shipping expenses. Fuel surcharges are extra fees UPS charges to cover the fluctuating cost of fuel. The calculation is a percentage of the base rate and added to the charges of each package. As…

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UPS Ground on Saturday!

UPS Ground on Saturday is here!  UPS express and international deliveries have been available on Saturday for many years. The U.S. Postal Service and FedEx both offer ground delivery on Saturday, UPS will now pick up and sort packages on Saturday for the first time ever. Residential customers can receive ground shipments…

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What is UPS Hundredweight?

If you’re shipping multiple packages to the same place on the same day, save time and money by using the UPS Hundredweight Service (CWT). CWT stands for centum weight. UPS Hundredweight offers a guaranteed, cost-effective delivery for non-palletized, multiple-package shipments weighing between 100 and 500 pounds. Who can use UPS Hundredweight? UPS…

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The 2018 Parcel Landscape: What to Expect

Looking ahead to 2018, it’s becoming increasingly clear how vital data is to a shipper’s business. Many shippers want to know UPS vs FedEx rates, which is better.  Through data, you can identify how much you ship, when you ship and what your costs are for shipping in addition to…

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The Refund of the Jedi (Part 3)

Shipping fees and accessorial surcharges? Accessorial fee surcharges for additional, supplemental or value-added services can easily account for up to 40 percent of your overall FedEx or UPS invoice costs. After doing some research with our own data, we found something interesting. FedEx invoices consistently proved to have a higher…

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The Carrier Strikes Back (Part 2)

FedEx and UPS both include accessorial fees, there is no getting around them. Accessorial charges have rate increases each year just as the general rates. Accessorial fee surcharges for additional, supplemental or value-added services can easily account for up to 40 percent of your overall FedEx or UPS invoice costs. When do…

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Increased Shipping Surcharges During the Holiday Season

FedEx and UPS have increased surcharges for packages shipped during these busy shipping seasons. FedEx will increase three surcharges and UPS will implement new peak season surcharges. UPS’s fees apply mainly to residential deliveries since they are inefficient due to homes being more spread out. FedEx Rate Increase The following…

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Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition – IRCE 2017

IRCE is here!   IRCE: The Retail Industry’s Leading E-Commerce Conference and TradeshowInternet Retailer Conference & Exhibition (IRCE) provides you with a conference full of industry experts, an exhibit hall filled with the latest and greatest solution providers, and a community made for networking with thousands of like-minded industry peers….

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UPS & FedEx shipping zones

What is a shipping zone? UPS and FedEx both use zones for each package you send. Shipping contracts are divided into zone pricing and each package is price based on the destination zone. You cannot get away from zones, so investigate what a zone really is and how to determine…

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How does the cost of transportation impact your business?

If you had visited the Refund Retriever booth at WooConf or Channel Advisor’s Catalyst this past year you had the chance to play a frustrating hook and ring game. It’s a fun little game we brought to provide some entertainment and we had a huge request from people to have…

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UPS Domestic Services

UPS offers many domestic delivery services with a wide range of delivery commitments. Sometimes it can be overwhelming trying to figure out what service to use. Each service has different commitment dates and times. Here at Refund Retriever, we have put together a quick reference chart for each service and…

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UPS & FedEx International Services

UPS and FedEx both provide amazing international delivery options.  We decided to put each international service side by side to compare the estimate delivery dates for both carriers. The holiday season and cyber Monday are fast approaching, this is a general guide to determine when your package will arrive.  For…

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2012 UPS Accessorial Fee Changes

FedEx Refunds

New year, new rate changes for 2012 UPS accessorial fee changes. According to UPS’s own website dedicated to the changes, the rates for Ground, Air, and International services increased by almost 5%. These are the changes to the UPS accessorial fees. In the majority of the cases, this simply shows…

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