Our UPS parcel audit service begins by using our proprietary invoice auditing software that identifies UPS billing errors and overcharges. This auditing software enables us to recover a significant amount of refunds for our you, plus provides our clients with extensive free reports help our you better understand and better manage parcel spend.

Increase visibility within your transportation spend and supply chain to eliminate the inefficiencies in your operations.  

Free Benchmarking

You think you have the best discounts possible? Did your rep tell you that you have the best pricing possible? Has your rep ever said you have the best rates he has ever seen?  Refund Retriever can tell you for sure.

Free Analysis

Refund Retriever’s full suite of shipping analytics can provide a general overview or focused look at your shipping habits.  Are you shipping next day air packages to a location that a ground package arrives the same time?  How many address correction fees are you seeing on each month?  We can show you.

This 2 Minute Video Explains Everything: