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Get More Amazon Reviews: Do’s and Don’ts

By Last updated on: June 14, 2023

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

Retail is shifting from brick-and-mortar to e-commerce faster than ever. Amazon is the leading online shopping platform, which makes Amazon product reviews very important. Shoppers rely on millions of Amazon reviews for each purchase. As Amazon continues its rapid growth, consumers depend more on consumer reviews than ever.

Reviews are beneficial for shoppers and one of the most effective ways to boost conversion, credibility, and overall e-commerce presence. Reviews can make or break existing or new products, but there is more to consider.

Amazon is constantly updating its Terms of Service (TOS). This is important when it comes down to your product reviews. You must approach it correctly by following rules and leveraging them to their maximum success. We will review a few dos and don’ts of your Amazon product reviews. 

Amazon Product Review: DO’S

Amazon Product Reviews
  • Reply to questions promptly.
    • It is essential to answer questions from current and potential buyers and be clear about your products. 
  • Ask for Reviews.
    • You are allowed and encouraged to ask for reviews. There are many ways to ask for a discussion, and you should include an encouraging email the buyer to leave a positive review. 
  • Make it effortless for buyers to leave feedback.
    • Making it easy for buyers to leave reviews, the more probable they will give one. Include a hyperlink if possible.
  • Regularly review Amazon’s Terms of Service.
    • Amazon has a page for selling policies and Sellers’ Codes of Conduct where you can learn the newest information on what you can and can not do. 
  • Use product inserts.
    • They are incredibly effective and offer personalization. 
  • Email follow-up
    • Send out a short, simple email post-purchase follow-up to buyers. Be careful not to spam. Over-messaging can do more harm than good. 
  • Contact top reviewers.
    • Make sure to send personalized messages when contacting top reviewers. They receive numerous requests to leave reviews. 

Amazon Product Reviews: DON’TS

  • Review your products.
    • It is explicitly against Amazon’s TOS, and you risk doing more damage than good. 
  • Trash your competitors.
    • Posting negative reviews on your competitors’ pages and directing them to your page are frowned upon. 
  • Incentivize reviews.
    • Using a third-party service that exchanges free or discounted products and reviews, or any financial reward, discount, or in exchange for positive feedback, is a big no-no. 
  • Isolate the customers with positive experiences.
    • You cannot hedge your bets by isolating happy customers to leave a review and sending unhappy customers to non-Amazon feedback locations. You have to treat all buyers the same for reviewing purposes. 
  • Redirect sales to an external site.
    • There can be nothing said or written that will redirect buyers from Amazon to purchase any products. 
  • Ask for unique kinds of reviews.
    • You can ask for a review, you can not specifically ask for a positive review, and you can not ask a buyer to remove a negative review. These are actions that can have your account suspended.
  • Paying for reviews.
    • Paying for buyers to leave reviews is against Amazon’s guidelines.
  • Reviews by family and friends.
    • Family members cannot leave reviews on your products or competitors’ products. Amazon’s seller policies do not explicitly mention friends. They will have to buy products independently with no discount or refund.

Let’s Review

Getting Amazon product reviews can be tricky. Generally, we want reviews to flow naturally from all buyers and accurately reflect your product’s quality. Many sellers think that selling on Amazon can be daunting. Therefore, stay true to your marketing plan and objectives. Understand what you should and should not be doing. As a result, you will become a popular seller and gain reviews quickly. 

If you have any other questions or need experts to monitor the lifecycle of your Amazon FBA inventory, contact us at Refund Retriever. Our Amazon seller and vendor central services will save your company money.

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