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How To Ship Dry Ice With FedEx

By Last updated on: January 18, 2024

Let’s discuss shipping FedEx dry ice packages. There are different classifications of products in the E-commerce world, from perishables to medicines and hardware. Each of these products has different methods and strategies for shipping. If you sell perishable products, you may be required to ship with dry ice. Many perishable items, such as food, medical shipments, or non-hazardous chemicals, can be with dry ice as a refrigerant. As long as the dry ice is not chilling a dangerous good (as defined by the U.S. Department of Transportation), the procedures for shipping are straightforward.

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The dry ice is a refrigerant to prevent the package from perishing before it gets to its destination. If you’re new to E-Commerce, you’re probably wondering what dry ice is.

What is Dry Ice?

Dry ice is a form of carbon dioxide available in blocks, flakes, or pellets. Shippers utilize dry ice to preserve goods with a shorter lifespan. To ship dry ice with FedEx or any other shipping company for that matter, you need to have an in-depth understanding of the regulations surrounding its use.

The process of shipping with dry ice can be technical, so technical that businesses often hire specialists to handle the process. That doesn’t mean that you can’t handle it! With a few tips, you should be able to handle the entire process.

How much does it cost to ship Dry Ice?

  • The cost in 2023 to ship dry ice is $7.50.
  • The cost in 2022 to ship dry ice is $7.50.
  • Only dangerous goods charges are assessed for shipments containing dry ice and dangerous goods (accessible or inaccessible). The dry ice surcharge is not assessed.
  • Shipments from the U.S. to Puerto Rico that contain dangerous goods or dry ice are assessed the same fees that apply to shipments within the U.S.
FedEx dry ice

How to package and ship Dry Ice items with FedEx

Dry Ice Packaging

To ship perishable products with dry ice, you need to package them properly. The packaging involves the use of Styrofoam and large cardboard boxes. The purpose of packing it differently is to slow down the sublimation process of carbon dioxide.

During the shipping process, the goods will be under lots of pressure, and it may cause them to rupture. Here’s a step-by-step process of shipping dry ice with FedEx to prevent that from happening. 

Things you need; A Styrofoam container, cardboard/wooden/plastic box, gloves.

  1. Wrap the frozen item in plastic.
  2. Place the perishable item in the inner corner of the Styrofoam container.
  3. Put on your gloves and fill up the container sides with dry ice.
  4. Close the Styrofoam container and ensure the styrofoam container has an air outlet.
    • Regular H’ method of taping is not sufficient.
  5. Place the Styrofoam container in the cardboard box.
  6. Finally, seal it, and it’s just about ready for shipping!!

One of the reasons why you’re putting the styrofoam container inside a box is so that you can label the package easily. Dry ice is classified as dangerous with FedEx, so you must follow these procedures to avoid future problems.

Only Styrofoam that has been pre-approved by FedEx packaging can be used, and you can only ship 200kg of dry ice per package.

Proper Dry Ice Labeling

Standard International Air Transport regulations require that every item shipped with dry ice be clearly and boldly stated. To do this the right way, you have to;

  • Place a class 9 label on the package.
    • Do NOT write inside the diamond border of the label.
  • Write the code to signify dry ice shipment: UN 1845
  • Write the shipping name “Dry Ice” or “Carbon Dioxide Solid.”
  • Add the weight of the dry ice in KG.
  • Write your personal information (name and address) and the receiver’s information.

You must label the box, not the plastic bag or the styrofoam container. You must provide further information in the” Nature and goods quantity” section, but it’s all the information we’ve already mentioned.

FedEx Late Delivery Refunds

Any package delivered past the guaranteed delivery date is eligible for a full refund from FedEx. One of the many exceptions to the FedEx money-back guarantee policy is for packages that contain dry ice. Therefore, if your late package contains this, no refund credit is available.

Even though many business owners perceive dry ice shipping as complex, it can be the opposite. Once you try shipping dry ice with FedEx, there will be no going back. In conclusion, this is all that shipping dry ice entails.

FedEx Dangerous Goods
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