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FedEx Delivery Area Surcharge ZIP Codes

By Last updated on: January 18, 2024

What is a FedEx Delivery Area Surcharge?

As a FedEx shipper, there is a 99% chance that you have seen a DAS or delivery area surcharge fee on your FedEx invoice. A delivery area surcharge applies to shipments intended for select U.S. ZIP codes. DAS also applies to FedEx Express and FedEx Ground shipments destined for areas in Alaska and Hawaii that are remotely populated and challenging to reach.

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Delivery Area Surcharge Map

Here at Refund Retriever, we know accessorial fees are a massive part of your invoice. Therefore, we decided to take the FedEx list of delivery area surcharge and extended delivery area surcharge zip codes and create a map. So, the orange areas are those with the normal FedEx delivery area surcharges, and the purple area is FedEx extended area surcharge locations.

What do these fees look like on my invoice?

  • DAS Comm
  • Delivery Area Surcharge Extended Comm
  • DAS Resi
  • Delivery Area Surcharge Extended Resi
  • Delivery Area Surcharge
  • DAS Extended

FedEx Delivery Area Surcharge Reporting

Would you like a report of all the FedEx DAS charges added to your FedEx account in the past 30 days? Past six months? You are in luck; Refund Retriever’s reporting will provide you with a detailed list of all tracking numbers with a FedEx delivery area and extended surcharges. 

FedEx Delivery Area Surcharge

FedEx Delivery Area Surcharge Pricing: U.S. Express

2019 2020 20212022 20232024
Extended Commercial$2.85$3.60$3.85$4.25$4.50$4.90
Alaska Commercial & Residential$27.50$29.00$31.50$34.50$38.00$40.50
Hawaii Commercial & Residential$8.40$8.85$9.50$11.00$12.00$13.00
Residential $4.20$4.40$4.70$5.20$5.55$5.80
Extended Residential $4.65$5.40$5.90$6.50$7.15$7.70
Remote Residential & Commercialn/an/an/an/a$13.25$14.25

FedEx Delivery Area Surcharge Pricing: U.S. Ground

2019202020212022 20232024
Extended Commercial $2.70 $3.45$3.70$4.10$4.50$4.90
Remote Residential & Commercialn/an/an/an/a$13.25$14.25

FedEx Delivery Area Surcharge Pricing: U.S. Ground and Home Delivery

2019202020212022 20232024
Residential (FedEx Ground)
$4.20 $4.40$4.40$4.80$5.30$5.70
Residential (FedEx Home Delivery)$3.65 $4.00$4.30$4.80$5.30$5.70
Extended Residential (FedEx Ground & Home Delivery) $4.65$5.40$5.90$6.50$7.15$7.70

71 lbs is still a problem! 

What if your FedEx Ground package exceeds 70 lbs? For packages 71 lbs or greater and shipped to an Alaska ZIP code that receives the delivery area surcharge, the applicable fee will be 3.5 times the Alaska commercial or Alaska residential charge. Remember that FedEx Home Delivery packages cannot exceed 70 lbs.

Contiguous U.S. Remote DAS – NEW FOR 2023

Beginning January 30, 2023, a Delivery Area Surcharge of $13.25 per package will be applied to domestic shipments destined to select ZIP codes within the contiguous U.S. These zip codes are designated as Remote. Currently, there are 3833 zip codes to which this new FedEx accessorial fee will apply.

Want to lower your surcharges?

Some companies can see the charges on more than half of all shipments. So then, how can you lower the impact? For the most part, the fastest way is to have FedEx reduce the amount they charge for these fees. Request a 25 to 50% reduction in FedEx DAS charges during Retriever’sontract negotiation.  

Refund Retriever can lower your shipping costs.

In conclusion, insight into your shipping data is crucial to understanding the impact of fees like the FedEx delivery area and extended area surcharges. Additionally, data encourages efficient logistics management, decision-making, and cost reduction. Let Refund Retriever’s reporting reveal shipping intelligence to lower your shipping costs.

Refund Retriever has the technology and reporting functionality you need to reveal shipping intelligence. Soon, your business can start reaping the benefits our knowledge and technology provide. Therefore, partner with Refund Retriever to reduce your FedEx and UPS costs and achieve your company’s desired results.

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