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UPS Hundredweight Surcharge Fees – What You Need To Know

By Last updated on: March 13, 2023

In a previous blog post, we discussed the UPS CWT services, and now we will go over UPS Hundredweight surcharge fees. Hundredweight CWT is a cost-effective delivery for non-palletized, multiple-package shipments that weigh 100 to 500 pounds. As a rule, UPS Hundredweight CWT has a 150-pound maximum weight per package. In addition, the max package size is also 165 inches in length and girth combined with a total maximum length of 108 inches. 

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Since all UPS Hundredweight CWT packages are considered one shipment, there are different rules and applications for additional surcharges that a shipper should consider.

UPS Hundredweight CWT Surcharge Fees

UPS Address Corrections

Even though UPS considers Hundredweight CWT shipments as one, there will be an address correction charge of $19.50 per package. However, the maximum cost for all address corrections is $136.50 per shipment. 

UPS Third-Party Billing Fees

We discussed what this fee is in a previous blog post. The fee applies to all shipments billed to a 3rd party, all UPS domestic and international shipments. The 5.0% applies to the total shipping charge. Furthermore, this includes the base rate plus all applicable accessorial and value-added service charges. This new cost could significantly impact your UPS hundredweight surcharge fees.

UPS Hundredweight Delivery Area Surcharges

If your company ships to remote destinations, additional fees called UPS delivery area surcharges (DAS) and extended delivery area surcharges (EDAS) apply. UPS applies these additional charges to packages picked up or delivered to predetermined ZIP codes. In addition, these fees apply to UPS Hundredweight CWT differently than individual packages. There will be one fee for the whole shipment and not applied to each package in the load.

Delivery Area Surcharge (CWT)GroundAir
Commercial Extended$22.50$22.50
Residential Extended$35.75$35.75
UPS 2021 Hundredweight Service Rates

UPS Remote Area Surcharges

The UPS remote area surcharge for Alaska and Hawaii is applied to the shipment as a whole and not individual packages. In this case, the cost is $108 for Alaska, $39.15 for Hawaii, and $39.15 for the contiguous 48 states. 

UPS Residential Surcharge

A $51.30 charge will apply to shipments going to a domestic residential destination. 

Saturday Delivery Fees

A $16.00 charge per shipment will apply when the shipper chooses Saturday delivery. UPS applies a $16.00 charge per shipment if you request a Saturday pickup.  

UPS Hundredweight Surcharge Fees Conclusion

UPS hundredweight is an excellent service when you ship many packages to the exact location. Therefore knowing the difference in UPS Hundredweight surcharge fees compared to single package shipments is critical to controlling your shipping expenses. Remember, the UPS peak season surcharges will apply to the previous shipments.

UPS Hundredweight Surcharge Fees
What is UPS Hundredweight?! Read more here.

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