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Do you ship? Get the refunds you deserve!

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What is ASD Market Week & Why You Should Attend

By Last updated on: November 16, 2023

The much anticipated biannual ASD Market Week trade show will be held on March 22nd to March 25, 2020, at the Las Vegas Convention Center with Refund Retriever located in the central hall lobby participating in the Independent Retailer Conference. Ever wondered about the history of ASD Market Week?

ASD Market Week features thousands of exhibitors and attracts 45,000 buyers twice a year. So if you miss the March show, you can catch the next show in July. “Retailers are constantly in search of ways to strengthen their store profits and selling success and fortunately, at ASD Market Week merchants become better positioned to reach these goals. With over 2,800 vendors to explore and over 100 complimentary educational experiences to participate in, there is no shortage of opportunities for attendees of ASD to gain from,” said Nicole Leinbach Reyhle of Retail Minded. Reyhle is also the co-founder of the Independent Retailer Conference.

ASD Market Week

What is ASD Market Week All About?

ASD Market Week is the leading event for low-to-mid-level merchandisers and was voted “Trade Show of the Year” by TSNN in 2016, and deservedly so. To begin with, there is nowhere else you can find 2,800 amazing merchandise exhibitors and vendors under one roof. Many of the exhibitors offer direct sourcing which means merchants do not have to go through a distributor for goods. Not to mention, they can buy directly from the factory which saves money.

ASD Market Week features nine shows covering the following categories: general store products, convenience store products, beauty, fragrance, toys, novelties, cultural products, direct sourcing, fashion and accessories. Merchants will be amazed by the number of affordable items much of which are available direct from the factory. 

Global importers, distributors, and retailers alike will enjoy the Independent Retailer Conference and SourceDirect Trade Show which are growing components of the ASD Market Week experience. SourceDirect provides buyers with the opportunity to source products directly from more than 14 countries. The Independent Retailer Conference is a “pop up conference” located in the central hall lobby. In detail, the IRC is dedicated to indie store owners with a focus on delivering in-store and e-commerce operational insight and expertise.

How can Refund Retriever help ASD vendors and attendees?

If you use FedEx or UPS on a daily basis, Refund Retriever can reduce your bills. Each package you send has a guarantee to arrive on time, or it’s FREE! But the carriers do not automatically refund your charges. Refund Retriever audits your invoices to find these late deliveries and other billing mistakes.

In addition to late package refunds, we also provide a full suite of logistical analysis. How do your discount rates stack up against the competition? Are your shipping invoices full of accessorial fees and you don’t even know it? We can show you!

History of ASD and ASD Market Week

ASD began as a military surplus trade show in 1961. In fact, ASD at one time was the abbreviation for Associated Surplus Dealers. This west coast trade group was founded by Walter Fletcher and began as small trade shows held in Santa Monica, Ca. ASD added Associated Merchandise Dealers (AMD) to their name: “ASD/AMD Trade Shows”.

In 1992, the ASD/AMD Trade Show in Las Vegas garnered far more interest than in previous years with a record number of 40,000 buyers and 4,000 sellers. Miller Freeman Inc acquired the show in 1995 and Miller Freeman Inc was then acquired by VNU in 2000. Emerald Expositions was created in 2013 and still runs the event. Additionally, 2017 welcomed the addition of the PROSPER Show co-located within the Las Vegas convention center.  The PROSPER Show is an annual conference that focuses on sharing best practice education and providing significant networking opportunities, by all means, for established Amazon sellers.

The ASD Market Week Trade Show grew to 45,000 buyers today and counting. The exhibitors come from over 110 countries, offering retail stores bargain prices that will translate into more profits and greater margin in the long run. ASD Market Week history is fascinating and guarantees to keep growing.

Don’t miss this excellent all-in-one trade show shopping experience. The only B2B trade show that offers a variety of high-quality retail merchandise of this magnitude. In fact, the trade show floor is full of general and specialty goods at wholesale prices. For more information about ASD Market Week, visit

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