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They Charged Me for What? Guide to FedEx Surcharge Abbreviations

By Last updated on: February 26, 2024

With dozens and dozens of FedEx fees and surcharges, it can be overwhelming to decipher what they mean. To help you better understand your FedEx invoice, here is a helpful list of 75 FedEx surcharges, along with their abbreviations. For a complete description of these FedEx surcharge abbreviation fees, their amount, and what services they apply to, see the “Fees and Other Shipping Information” section (on pages 109-122) of the 2023 FedEx Service Guide.

FedEx Surcharge Abbreviation InvoiceFee name in the FedEx Service Guide
Accessible Dangerous GoodsAccessible Dangerous Goods
Additional Entry Line Items FeeAdditional Entry Line Items Fee
Additional HandlingAdditional Handling Surcharge
Address CorrectionAddress Correction
Advancement FeeAdvancement Fee/Disbursement Fee
Air Waybill Change FeeChange of Air Waybill Charge
Alternate Address PickupFedEx Ground Alternate Address Pickup
AppointmentFedEx Appointment Home Delivery
Broker Select OptionBroker Select Option Fee
Call TagFedEx Ground Call Tag
Clearance Entry FeeClearance Entry Fee
CODFedEx Ground C.O.D. – Collect on Delivery
Controlled Export FeeFedEx International Controlled Export
Courier Pickup ChargeCourier Pickup Charge/On-Call Courier Pickup Charge
Currency ConversionCurrency Conversion
DAS Comm.Delivery Area Surcharge: Commercial
DAS Resi.Delivery Area Surcharge: Residential
DAS Extended Comm.Delivery Area Surcharge: Extended Commercial
DAS Extended Resi.Delivery Area Surcharge: Extended Residential
DAS Alaska Comm.Delivery Area Surcharge: Alaska Commercial
DAS Alaska Resi.Delivery Area Surcharge: Alaska Residential
DAS Hawaii Comm.Delivery Area Surcharge: Hawaii Commercial
DAS Hawaii Resi.Delivery Area Surcharge: Hawaii Residential
Date CertainFedEx Date Certain Home Delivery
Declared Value ChargeDeclared Value
Delivery Reattempt ChargeDelivery Reattempt Charge
Delivery Signature OptionsFedEx® Delivery Signature Options
Dimensional WeightDimensional Weight
Duties and TaxesDuties and Taxes
ECODFedEx Ground® Electronic C.O.D. (E.C.O.D.)
EEI Filing FeeElectronic Export Information Filing Fee
Entry CopyEntry Copy
EveningFedEx Evening Home Delivery
Express TagFedEx ExpressTag®
Extended Delivery AreaExtended Service Area Delivery
Extended Pickup AreaExtended Service Area Pickup
Extra Services ChargeExtra Services Charge
Fax or Call FeeFax or Call Fee
FedEx Collect on DeliveryFedEx® Collect on Delivery (C.O.D.)
Food/Food Products NoticePrior Notice for Food and Food Products
Fuel SurchargeFuel Surcharge
Govt. Agency Processing FeeOther Government Agency, per entry
Hazardous MaterialsHazardous Materials
Inaccessible Dangerous GoodsInaccessible Dangerous Goods
Inside Delivery ChargeInside Delivery Charge
Inside Pickup ChargeInside Pickup Charge
Intl. ODA SurchargeInternational Out-of-Delivery-Area Surcharge
Intl. OPA SurchargeInternational Out-of-Pickup-Area Surcharge
Live Entry Processing FeeLive Entry Processing
Metro Service Area DeliveryMetro Service Area Delivery
Metro Service Area PickupMetro Service Area Pickup
Minimum Billable WeightMinimum Billable Weight for FedEx Express Packaging
Missing/Invalid Account NumberMissing or Invalid Account Number
Northern Canada SurchargeNorthern Canada Surcharge
Oversize ChargeOversize Charge
Payer RebillingPayer Rebilling
POD Advantage ChargeFedEx Ground P.O.D. Advantage
P/U Charge (Intl. Premium)Pickup Charge (FedEx International Premium)
Reroute of ShipmentReroute of Shipment
Residential Delivery Chg.Residential Delivery Charge
Residential P/U Chg.Residential Pickup Charge
Return Email LabelFedEx Email Return Label
Return On-Call SurchargeReturn On-Call Pickup Surcharge
Return Print LabelFedEx Print Return Label
Saturday DeliverySaturday Delivery
Saturday PickupSaturday Pickup
Special Brokerage ProcessingOther Special Brokerage Processing
SPOD via SO EnvelopeSignature Proof of Delivery via FedEx Standard Overnight Envelope
Storage ChargeStorage Charge
Temporary Import FeeTemporary Import Entry, per entry
U.S. ATF Processing FeeU.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
U.S. Dept. of Defense Processing FeeEntrance of Goods for U.S. Department of Defense Contracts
U.S. FDA Processing FeeU.S. Food and Drug Administration Clearance
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Processing FeeU.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Clearance
Weekly Pickup FeeWeekly Pickup Fee

FedEx invoice abbreviations

FedEx, like many shipping companies, applies various surcharges depending on factors such as package dimensions, weight, delivery location, and additional services required. Here are some common FedEx surcharge abbreviations:

  • FSC: Fuel Surcharge – This fee is adjusted on fuel prices and applied to offset fluctuations in fuel costs.
  • OSS: Oversize Surcharge – Applied when a package exceeds certain size limits.
  • DAS: Delivery Area Surcharge – Applied when delivering to remote or less accessible areas.
  • RES: Residential Surcharge – Applied for deliveries to residential addresses.
  • ISF: International Surcharge Fee – Applied for international shipments.
  • ADR: Additional Handling Surcharge – Applied for packages that require special handling due to size, weight, or packaging.
  • CDS: Clear Delivery Signature – Applied when a clear signature is required upon delivery.
  • DIMS: Dimensional Weight Adjustment – Applied when the dimensional weight of a package exceeds its actual weight.
  • LIS: Low-Value Shipment Surcharge – Applied for shipments with a declared value below a certain threshold.
  • DST: Direct Signature Required – Applied when a direct signature from the recipient is required upon delivery.

These are just a few examples, and FedEx may introduce new surcharges or adjust existing ones over time. Keeping up with so many fees and ensuring they’re correctly applied to every package is daunting. FedEx surcharges and FedEx surcharge abbreviations are not easy. Why not let Refund Retriever audit your FedEx shipping?

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