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Do you ship? Get the refunds you deserve!

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What is FedEx One Rate flat rate shipping?

By Last updated on: August 30, 2023

FedEx One Rate is a flat rate shipping pricing option that more large-volume shippers are exploring. The service was introduced in 2013 and is available for qualifying FedEx Express U.S. shipments in FedEx Express packaging. One Rate pricing is an alternative to FedEx Standard List Rates, account-specific rates, or FedEx Retail Rates.

FedEx One Rate is a pricing alternative for FedEx Express shipments, including all residential surcharges, delivery area surcharges (DAS), and fuel surcharges. One Rate is subject to other charges such as on-call pickup, Saturday delivery, delivery signature options, declared value, and address correction fees. Shippers must use FedEx Express packaging and FedEx Express U.S. shipping services (FedEx First Overnight, FedEx Priority Overnight, FedEx Standard Overnight, FedEx 2Day A.M., FedEx 2Day, and FedEx Express Saver). Additionally, FedEx envelopes must weigh 10 lbs. or less, and FedEx paks, boxes, and tubes must weigh 50 lbs. or less.

What FedEx Services Are Available With FedEx One Rate?

  • First Overnight
  • Priority Overnight
  • Standard Overnight
  • 2Day
  • 2Day A.M.
  • Express Saver

Simplified Pricing – Three Zones Pricing Tier

  • Local: Zone 2 -Shipments traveling up to 150 miles in the U.S.
  • Regional: Zone 3 to 4 – Shipments traveling 151 – 600 miles in the U.S.
  • National: Zone 5 to 8
    • Shipments moving 601 miles or more in the U.S.
    • From the U.S./Hawaii to Alaska.
    • From the U.S./Alaska to Hawaii.
    • Alaska and Hawaii to the contiguous U.S.
    • FedEx Express intra-Alaska shipments

What are the Benefits of FedEx One Rate?

  • Flat Shipping Cost Zones 2 – 8, including Alaska and Hawaii 
  • Most important, the FedEx Money-back guarantee still applies to these packages
    • Express Saver and 2nd Day: Commercial delivery by 4:30 PM
    • Express Saver and 2nd Day: Residential delivery by 8:00 PM
    • 2nd Day AM: Delivery by 10:30 AM
    • Priority Overnight: Delivery by 10:30 AM
    • First Overnight: Delivery by 8 or 8:30 AM
  • FedEx One Rate flat rate shipping price already includes
    • residential surcharges
    • delivery area surcharges
    • fuel surcharge.No need to weigh qualifying shipments
  • Free Packing Supplies
    • 12 sizes of Free FedEx-provided packaging (do not require additional tape)
  • Simplified pricing – Three zones pricing tiers
  • There is no additional charge for the declared value of up to $100
  • Available for single package shipments to and from all 50 states
  • FedEx rates can be negotiated for business clients through a contract negotiation
  • Shipping software-friendly integrations

What Packages Qualify For This Program?

  • They must be in FedEx packaging.
  • FedEx envelopes must weigh 10 lbs. or less.
  • FedEx paks, boxes, and tubes must weigh 50 lbs. or less
  • However, Pak cannot exceed 5 inches in height, or additional charges will apply.
FedEx One Rate

What Other Fes Could I Be Charged For With FedEx One Rate?

  • In addition to transportation charges, this service is subject to other charges including:
    • on-call pickup
    • delivery Signature Options
    • additional declared value
    • address corrections
    • account corrections, etc

Current Issues With FedEx One Rate:

  • Package contents must fit in a predetermined box or package size
  • Quantity package supply restrictions
  • Not available for return labels.
  • The adjusted rate will be reflected on the FedEx invoice. (Our reporting will help identify these)
  • Pricing is not available for intra-Hawaii shipments
  • Whenever the actual weight of the package is greater than the maximum weight allowed for the One Rate package type or if branded packaging is not used:
    • FedEx will re-rate the package and charge the shipment based on standard list or retail rates.

Competitors to FedEx One rate

  • USPS Flat Rate Shipping
    • A larger supply of boxes readily available
    • No additional surcharges
    • More addresses – PO boxes, APO, FPO, etc

FedEx One Rate Packaging

  • Contents must fit into selected packaging; do not force contents to fit.
  • FedEx Express packaging must close using a built-in adhesive strip.
  • The use of additional tape to ensure package closure may indicate volume limit is exceeded.
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