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FedEx Holiday Shipping Deadlines: Information Companies Need to Know

By Last updated on: October 27, 2020

Holidays for the most part are the busiest time of the year for small parcel shippers. Even with a large staff, it is easy for a company to overlook shipping costs while keeping customers happy. Therfore, FedEx holiday shipping deadlines should be accessible for all customer service and shipping staff. 

FedEx has already released some important 2020 year-end shipping information you need to know. Check out the FedEx holiday shipping deadlines.

FedEx Holiday Shipping Deadlines

Download the FedEx holiday shipping deadlines schedule for quick access to important shipping dates, holiday service guarantees and last days to ship.

FedEx Holiday Shipping Deadlines

FedEx Holiday Shipping Deadlines to Know

  • December 15, 2020: Normal FedEx service.
    • Last day to send some FedEx Ground and Home Delivery packages scheduled for delivery on Dec. 24.
  • December 21, 2020: Normal FedEx service.
    • The last day to send FedEx Express Saver packages scheduled for delivery on Dec. 24.
  • December 22, 2020: Normal FedEx service.
    • Today is the last day to ship FedEx 2nd Day Express packages scheduled for delivery on Dec. 24.
  • December 23, 2019: Normal FedEx service.
    • Last day to ship via FedEx Overnight
  • December 24, 2020 Christmas Eve: Limited FedEx service.
  • December 25, 2020: Christmas: FedEx holiday.
  • December 26, 2020: Normal FedEx service.
  • January 01, 2021: New Year’s: No FedEx pickup or delivery service.
  • January 02, 2021: Normal FedEx service resumes, FedEx holiday shipping deadlines are gone!

FedEx Money-Back Guarantee

The suspension of the UPS Service Guarantee has been going on since March 26, 2020 and will continue until further notice.

Peak surcharges may apply to shipments during designated peak shipping periods. To learn more about these surcharges and when they apply, view the FedEx Peak Surcharges.

FedEx Holiday shipping deadlines are particularly important for all businesses. Keep this blog handy and have your customer service department read. Contact us to learn more about how Refund Retriever can lower your FedEx shipping costs. Refund Retriever monitors your shipping invoices for late deliveries and billing mistakes. In summary, our late delivery refund technology will automatically find inconsistencies and overcharges.

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