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What is a FedEx systematic svc failure?

By Last updated on: October 11, 2019

Yes, every once in a blue moon we see a rare FedEx systematic svc fail refunded by FedEx without any request necessary. But for UPS, the answer is no. We have never seen UPS give a GSR refund on a late delivered parcel automatically. Never.

FedEx Systematic Service Credit

FedEx rarely will give a guaranteed systematic service failure to a client’s invoice for a late shipment. When Refund Retriever sees these refunds, we mark them in our system and do not charge the client since we did not make the request. Other transportation cost auditing companies might not be as honest.

How would you know to even look at the refund credit to make sure it’s not an automatic refund? Refund Retriever believes that client trust is key. If we didn’t apply for a refund, we will never charge for it.

Want to monitor your other auditing company for these?

Are they trying to outfox you? Take a look at the image below. If you see “SYSTEMATIC SVC FAIL” in the ‘Original Reason’ column of your FedEx Online Billing invoice history, it means FedEx automatically gave you a refund. Sometimes this might not be fraudulent, the refund is applied within hours of the invoice being published. There might be a situation where it’s an honest dispute.

FedEx systematic svc fail
FedEx sometimes gives systematic service refunds

What happens if you submit GSR requests before we do?

Our parcel audit system automatically detects an existing UPS or FedEx refund request and marks it accordingly. We never try to confirm a refund and then bill you. Also, there is no need to send us an email if you apply for a refund; we will see the activity and act accordingly.

Let Refund Retriever monitor your UPS and FedEx invoices for late small parcel deliveries and billing mistakes. We will save you money each month or there is no fee. Our logistics auditing technology will make an impact on your transportation costs.

FedEx and UPS Refunds
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