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FedEx Address Corrections: What you need to know

By Last updated on: March 10, 2020

Accessorial fees and surcharges are a considerable part of any shipper’s yearly shipping costs. Many shippers see these as a part of doing business, but there are many fees that you, as a shipper, can stop. The FedEx address correction fee is our topic of discussion here. Address corrections happen to be a huge profit center for UPS and FedEx.

When a shipper inputs an incorrect address when creating a shipment the carrier will attempt to correct this address for a hefty fee. Within the U.S., FedEx also will assess this fee if the address is a P.O. box number or P.O. box ZIP code. In addition, if your package incurs an address correction fee, the on-time or it’s free guarantee is no longer effective.

What does a FedEx Address Correction Cost?

  • 2020 the cost is $17.00 per package
  • 2019 the cost was $16.00
  • 2018 the cost was $15.00
  • 2017 the cost was $14.00

What is a FedEx Address Correction? 

The FedEx address correction fee is an accessorial fee issued for shipments in which your initial ship-to-address does not match what FedEx determines it should be. Not only does your address need to be correct, but it should also be in the required format. It is good practice to abbreviate any directional or street type (i.e.: N, S, E, W or ST, AVE, FWY). If an abbreviation is not used, FedEx could interpret it as part of the actual street name. In short, a misinterpretation could then lead to an address correction fee.

FedEx Address Correction Fee 2020

Check out this link for a USPS list of examples of suffix forms that are street suffix names, street suffixes or suffix abbreviations. USPS recommends official Postal Service standard suffix abbreviations, this is a good standard to follow. For more information, click here.

How to Prevent Corrections

Verify addresses before shipping, look into address verification software. With this type of software, the addresses go through a normalization process by cross-referencing the U.S. Postal Address Database. Validation software will then perform several further checks to guarantee the address on file is accurate. Here are some other tips:

  • Use correct spacing: Make sure spacing is correct, avoid unnecessary spaces.
  • Use correct spelling: Eliminate spelling and typographic errors.
  • Standard abbreviations – USPS designates abbreviation standards for state, street suffix, and apartment designations.

How to Fix an Incorrect FedEx Address Online

If FedEx identifies an undeliverable address, it is possible correct it online. Enter the tracking number and go to the tracking details page on Once there, choose the correct my address button and find the address modification window. Here you can select an option from the drop-down menu in the new delivery address section.

Our Address Correction Reports

Busy FedEx shippers seldom have the time to inspect and manage these corrections. Knowledge is the first step in the prevention of these avoidable and unnecessary charges. Refund Retriever’s services include specific reports to identify duplicated address corrections.

UPS Address Correction Report Refund Retriever

Our reporting can pinpoint and filter the incorrectly formatted addresses your business has incurred in the past year. With access to valuable data, you can fix these problems internally.

What does all this mean? 

The FedEx address corrections not only causes potential customer service issues for your employees but also allows FedEx to deliver the package late with an additional charge. Some packages with an incorrect address could be delivered to the wrong address. Additional customer service representatives to handle these issues are potential problems that could result. Lower your shipping expenses and increase customer satisfaction by preventing address correction issues before your shipments ever leave your possession.

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