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Amazon’s Choice: What it Means and How To Get Badge

By Last updated on: July 7, 2022

With the high rate of technological advancement worldwide, online shopping is easy. E-commerce continues to boom. Industry giants like Amazon continue to rake in all the traffic and attention in the industry. This increased traffic has come with a consistent spike in buyers and sellers to its platform. The actual game on Amazon has become standing out from the competition as a seller. This brings us to the point of obtaining the coveted Amazon Choice Badge.

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What is the Amazon’s Choice badge?

The Amazon Choice is a digital badge attributed to Amazon products that dominate a particular search keyword by the rate of purchase. The badge is in the upper left corner of the product feature image, on the app user interface, or beneath the product title on the listing page.

Amazon Choice Badge FBA

What Does Amazon’s Choice Mean?

It simply means the select product will be automatically recommended by Amazon to its buyers whenever they search for it using a particular keyword. On the basis of them amassing over 50% more purchases than other products listed with that same keyword.

Amazon’s Choice Vs. Best Seller

Although very similar, Amazon’s choice badge shouldn’t be confused with the Amazon Bestseller badge. Even though both badges are allocated by Amazon and its algorithm to top-rated products, they differ in application.

The algorithm gives Amazon’s choice badge to leading products dominating a specific keyword. The Amazon Bestseller badge is given to products with the highest purchase in a particular product category. Amazon Choice Badge is heavily influenced by SEO, while SALES influences the Bestseller badge in a product category over a period of time.

Amazon's Choice

Due to a large number of product categories, a limited number of products can earn the Bestseller badge. Whereas with the Amazon Choice Badge, there is no limit to the products since it is not category bound. This makes it possible for a product category to have many products with the Amazon Choice badge and yet just a single product with the Bestseller badge.

Amazon Best Seller Badge

The Origin Of The Badge

Initially launched by Amazon in 2015, the Amazon Choice Badge was limited to the Amazon Echo Dot as the solution to shortening the purchasing process. Upon speaking a keyword into the search engine, Amazon would automatically present its own product choices first.

This feature now extends to other Amazon programs to enhance User experience across boards. Currently, sellers can’t enroll in the program or a waiting list for consideration.

How To Get An Amazon Choice Badge

There are no specific guidelines to getting an Amazon Choice Badge as a seller on your product as the Amazon algorithm entirely decides it. With careful analysis of the feature since its inception, we can give you a few pointers that will increase your chances.

Attaining Amazon Prime Eligibility by simply making sure as a seller, you use Amazon FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) instead of Amazon FBM (Fulfilled By Merchant) or the Amazon SFP (Seller-Fulfilled Prime). This proves to Amazon that you’re further invested in your product, delivering a great user experience with speed and ease being the fastest product delivery route.

  • Optimizing product listing page, clear and concise descriptions with detailed information.
  • Focus on strategically relevant keywords for your product.
  • Excellent customer service to boost up ratings and product reviews.
  • Maintain inventory levels to avoid out-of-stock products.
  • Ensure competitive product prices and quality control.
  • Optimize Amazon PPC Campaigns to boost conversions.

In conclusion, the Amazon Choice Badge is a great way to leverage the trust, authority, and influence the platform has over its buyers. Particularly, trust sellers can only dream of building over time.

Buyers are more inclined to pay for products recommended by Amazon. Thus, the badge replaces the hassle of searching further or taking risks. Getting the Amazon Choice Badge is a fantastic way to position yourself and your product for more sales and revenue.

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