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Best Amazon FBA PPC Strategies

By Last updated on: March 9, 2023

Amazon FBA PPC strategies are very important to the success of your business. If you’re an e-commerce vendor who sells on Amazon’s Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) service and platform, the biggest fulfillment platform in the industry, you would know the most crucial goal is successful conversions and sales.

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The aim of any business is profitability, but great products don’t sell themselves. This is a fundamental truth if you’ve sold anything, especially on the internet.

Even with unique features and excellent copy, great products can sometimes flop. With 350 million product listings registered on Amazon’s high-traffic platform, your brand and product can easily get lost in the crowd.

In this article, we cover the best-known Amazon FBA PPC strategies that we are confident, if applied right, will deliver the work and resources invested. By helping you position your brand and products amid the massive competition and leveraging the algorithm, PPC will help reap dividends in conversions, sales, and profit.

Avoid Negative Keywords

Before running a PPC campaign, it is essential to look for negative keywords. These are simply keywords with lots of clicks from other vendors but zero conversions. If there’s proof that they have a solid record of being deployed and turning in little to no return… Avoid them like the plague.

Marking a keyword as negative is an Amazon FBA PPC strategy initiated by using the negative keyword feature. Which automatically avoids your ads displaying when people search for your product using the masked keywords. You can choose a negative phrase match or a negative exact match. 

amazon fba ppc strategies

Negative Phrase Match

A negative phrase match will restrict your ads to show for search queries that have the complete phrase or are a close variant of it. Amazon allows a max of four words per negative keyword or 80 characters.

Negative Exact Match 

A negative exact match type restricts the ad to display for search queries with the exact phrase. Here there is a limitation of ten words per negative keyword or 80 characters.

Always make sure that a keyword isn’t relevant to your product before applying this strategy. Perfect for Sponsored Product, Brand, and Display as your campaign objective.

Leverage Brand Names

Suppose you’re not a new seller and have built a brand with great awareness and popularity. It is only wise to leverage your competitive advantage in a very competitive market like Amazon FBA. Smaller, less popular vendors bid on popular brand names as keywords and their brands and therefore show up when prospects search the popular brand.

A sure way of creating a moat and leveraging your brand name is by bidding on it. So more of you appear when people search. No one should get more financial compensation from your brand than yourself. If you’re a smaller, newer seller, then leveraging on more popular brand names by bidding on them also works reversely. You are making this a very effective Amazon FBA PPC strategy.

Balancing Manual & Automatic PPC Campaigns

Running and optimizing campaigns manually to target a particular demography and buyer persona is still more profitable than automated campaigns. But automated campaigns can be more effective when finding relevant keywords for campaigns. The trick is to find your magic keywords using an automatic campaign and using those algorithm-friendly keywords to run a manual campaign. This is one of the best Amazon FBA PPC strategies out there.

Bidding On Long-Tail Keywords

This is a great Amazon FBA PPC strategy for new sellers and those launching new products on the Amazon fulfillment platform. Why long-tail keywords for Amazon FBA?

Long-tail keywords are search specific phrases prospects are more likely to use instead of specific words in their search. Opting for long-tail keywords or specific search phrases instead of highly searched used and competitive keywords, which usually have a high cost per click and will cost you money as a newbie as you lose out in the search race to other sellers with more ratings and reviews. You are making your ranking chances super low and flushing money down the toilet spent with no returns.

Amazon FBA PPC Strategies Conclusion

With the rise of COVID, the E-commerce industry has experienced an unprecedented spike, and one of the major winners of this is Amazon FBA. There has been a tremendous influx of traffic, and in business, traffic speaks not only numbers and money but also heavy competition.

Running an E-commerce business on Amazon without understanding these PPC strategies may cause you losses, but getting them right can make you lots of profit. There are no in-betweens.

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