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FedEx Pickup Charges – What is NDOC P/U?

By Last updated on: August 30, 2023

We get many calls and chats monthly when a FedEx shipper sees this charge on a FedEx invoice. Often, they see “NDOC P/U” yet have no clue what this is. To summarize, these charges are non-document pickup charges. This is a charge when someone contacts FedEx to have the package picked up at their location. In addition, the fuel surcharge applies to this fee.

Ground On-Call Pickup Charge 

A Ground On-Call Pickup charge applies when you request a FedEx Ground pickup. This includes requests made using a FedEx electronic shipping solution or by calling customer support. The cost is itemized separately on your invoice. You will be charged a maximum of $20 per week fees billed to your account AND originating from the same location. On-call pickups can only be scheduled for shipments paid for with a FedEx account number.

For domestic and international ground services, the fees are as follows: 

  • $3 per package (future-day pickups requested electronically) NDOC P/U- Auto Comm
  • $4 per package (future-day pickups ordered via FedEx Customer Service) NDOC P/U- CS Comm
  • $4 per package (same-day pickups requested electronically) SDOC P/U- Auto Comm
  • $5 per package (same-day pickups ordered via FedEx Customer Service) SDOC P/U- CS Comm

Return Pickup Costs

The ground on-call pickup charge above does not apply to FedEx ground package returns program pickups. However, a charge does apply for the pickup of FedEx print and email return labels. Remember, this charge will not apply if the package is dropped off at a FedEx shipping location or included in a regularly scheduled pickup. Therefore, encourage users to take their packages to an approved drop-off location. 

  • The charge for the return package pickup cost is $4 per package for the following services:
    • FedEx First Overnight, FedEx Priority Overnight, FedEx Standard Overnight,
    • FedEx 2Day A.M., FedEx 2Day, and all domestic ground services.

Express On-Call Pickup Charge (Courier Pickup Charge)

An express on-call pickup charge applies when you request a pickup for a FedEx express package, including requests made using FedEx electronic shipping solutions or by calling customer services. The charge is itemized separately on your invoice. 

However, the Express On-Call Pickup charge does not apply if the package is dropped at a FedEx shipping location. In addition, on-call pickups can only be scheduled for shipments paid for with a FedEx account number. The fees are as follows:

  • U.S. Express Package Services: $4 per package
  • International Express Package Services: $4 per shipment

FedEx Ground Alternate Address Pickup

FedEx will also provide pickup service to an address other than the shipping location associated with the FedEx Ground account number. Incidentally, this is for an additional charge of $10.50 per unique address per week.

How can a shipper reduce FedEx pickup charges?

The fastest way for a shipper to save money on FedEx pickup charges is to reduce the number of charges assessed in the first place. Encourage your customers to use drop-off locations when returning a package.

Alternatively, negotiate with your FedEx rep to reduce charges for these services. We have clients that have seen reductions to complete elimination of the fees. In this instance, the fee abbreviation will appear on the invoice and tracking number, but at no cost. To emphasize, you need to use reports and analytics to see how big of an impact pickup fees currently have on your weekly shipping spend. Refund Retriever can help; we provide reports and analytics to dissect each accessorial fee charged by FedEx or UPS. Contact us today to learn more about our reporting features


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