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Explanation of FedEx Invoice Abbreviations Every Business Should Know

By Last updated on: February 26, 2024

Many times, customers come across FedEx invoice abbreviations and agreements yet have no clue as to their meaning. Here is a list of common FedEx invoice abbreviations that might come in handy.   

  • OB: Outbound prepaid packages picked up at your facility
  • IB: Packages received by and billed to you (inbound on your account number)
  • 3P: Packages shipped for you by a third party (i.e., drop shipping)
  • RB: Packages received by and billed to you
  • PRP: Package Returns Packages received at your facility
  • ZJ: Zone jump packages dropped into a designated hub
  • RM: Return Manages packages received at your facility
  • TBIB: Trans-border packages tendered at a U.S. designated hub or terminal received by and billed to you
  • TBRB: Trans-border packages tendered at a U.S. designated hub received by and billed to you
  • TB3P: Trans-border packages tendered at U.S. designated hub received by and billed to you by a third party
  • Domestic shipments: Shipments with the same origin and destination country (i.e., shipment from Texas to Florida)
  • Export shipments: Outbound shipments paid by the origin country to a non-origin destination (i.e., shipment from the US to Switzerland)
  • Import shipments: Inbound shipments paid by the destination country from any non-destination origin (i.e., shipment from Switzerland to the US)
  • Ground MWT: Multiple-piece shipments with a total weight of 200 lbs. with an average package weight of 15–25 lbs.  Shrink wrapping or palletizing shipments is not required, and the packages are processed like any other FedEx Ground shipment.

What are the FedEx service types?

FedEx shipping is divided into two main service types. These are based on the speed and shipping procedures: FedEx Express and FedEx Ground. FedEx Express is fast and comes with a time-specific delivery commitment with a money-back guarantee. FedEx Ground is a day-definite delivery and could take up to seven days. In addition, there is a money-back guarantee for FedEx Ground and Home Delivery. Below is a document from FedEx that specifically addresses additional FedEx invoice abbreviations.

  • FDXE: FedEx Express
  • FDXG: FedEx Ground
  • FHD: FedEx Home Delivery
  • FDXS: FedEx SmartPost (FedEx Ground Economy)
  • FDXT: FedEx International DirectDistribution Surface Solutions (IDD)
  • INTL: International
  • INTL: DS (International Distribution Services)

FedEx invoice abbreviations

FedEx, like many shipping companies, applies various surcharges depending on factors such as package dimensions, weight, delivery location, and additional services required. Here are some common FedEx surcharge abbreviations:

  • FSC: Fuel Surcharge – This fee is adjusted on fuel prices and applied to offset fluctuations in fuel costs.
  • OSS: Oversize Surcharge – Applied when a package exceeds certain size limits.
  • DAS: Delivery Area Surcharge – Applied when delivering to remote or less accessible areas.
  • RES: Residential Surcharge – Applied for deliveries to residential addresses.
  • ISF: International Surcharge Fee – Applied for international shipments.
  • ADR: Additional Handling Surcharge – Applied for packages that require special handling due to size, weight, or packaging.
  • CDS: Clear Delivery Signature – Applied when a clear signature is required upon delivery.
  • DIMS: Dimensional Weight Adjustment – Applied when the dimensional weight of a package exceeds its actual weight.
  • LIS: Low-Value Shipment Surcharge – Applied for shipments with a declared value below a certain threshold.
  • DST: Direct Signature Required – Applied when a direct signature from the recipient is required upon delivery.

These are just a few examples, and FedEx may introduce new surcharges or adjust existing ones over time. It’s always a good idea to check directly with FedEx for the most up-to-date information on their surcharges and abbreviations.

FedEx invoice abbreviations

Have more FedEx invoice questions?

If you have any questions about your FedEx invoice abbreviations or agreements, please contact the parcel spend experts at Refund Retriever. Since 2006, we have decoded the late delivery refund logistics to get the most refunds for our clients here in Houston and across the United States. Let our small parcel auditing reveal just how many FedEx and UPS refunds you are leaving on the table.

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