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FedEx Surcharge Fee Price History

By Last updated on: December 17, 2019

FedEx surcharge fees can account for a large portion of a company’s shipping costs each year. These other charges are also called accessorial fees and consequently increases each year. Thus, we have decided to keep a running tab on the surcharge price history. As a rule, the cost of all FedEx shipping services rises each year. The cost of doing business seems to grow continually. FedEx surcharge fees and shipping rates are the two factors that determine the cost to ship each shipment.

Optional-service fees apply when you select specific service options. These FedEx surcharge fees are located in the service guide each year. Take a look at the PDF’s at the bottom of the page to see the FedEx surcharge fees.

What is a shipping surcharge?

A shipping surcharge is an additional fee a shipment might incur in addition to the base rate. Shipping surcharges and accessorial fees compensate the carrier for extra services or expenses involved in the delivery of the package. Therefore, take a look at the list below for the most common FedEx surcharge fees, and the price increases over the past decade.

FedEx surcharge fees: 2020-2011

Residential Ground $4.65$4.40$4.15$3.85$3.65$3.55$3.40$3.20$3.00$2.75
Residential Home Delivery $4.00$3.80$3.60$3.45 $3.25$3.10$2.90 $2.80$2.55$2.20
Residential Air $4.65$4.55$4.15$4.00$3.65$3.50$3.35$3.20$3.00$2.75
Delivery Area Surcharge
– Comm Air – DAS $3.10$2.95$2.75$2.45$2.45$2.35$2.25$2.15$2.00$1.85
– Residential Ground – DAS $4.00$3.80$3.50$3.25$3.15$3.00$3.40$2.75$2.75$2.75
– Comm Air Extended – DAS$3.60 $2.95$2.75$2.55$2.45$2.35$2.07$2.00$2.00$1.85
– Residential Ground/ Air Extended – DAS $5.40$4.85$4.45$4.20$4.00$3.80$3.65$3.50$3.25$3.00
Additional Handling $13-$24$23-$14.25$19-$12$10.85$10.50$9.00$8.50$8.50$8.50$8.00
Address Correction $17.00$16.40$15.90$13.40$13.00$12.50$12.35$12.00$11.00$11.00
Oversize Charge Ground/Express$100.00 $90.00$90.00$70.00$67.50$57.50$55.00$55.00$55.00$50.00
Oversize Charge Home Delivery $120.00$90.00$90.00$70.00$67.50$57.50$55.00$55.00$55.00$50.00
Unauthorized Package Charge$875.00 $850.00$650.00$150.00$150.00$57.50$50.00$50.00$50.00$50.00
Direct signature $5.25$5.00$4.75$4.50$4.25$4.00$3.87$3.75$3.50$3.25
Adult Signature $6.35$6.05$5.75$5.50$5.25$5.00$4.90$4.75$4.50$4.25
COD Fees $15.50$14.50$13.50$12.90$12.50$12.50$12.00$11.00$11.00$10.75
Saturday Delivery$16.00 $16.00$16.00$16.00$16.00$16.00$16.00$15.00$15.00$15.00

Remember, most of these FedEx surcharge fees apply across the board to all express and ground services. Also, fuel surcharges apply to FedEx value-added services associated with pickup, transport, and delivery. Some international and freight services have different surcharge fees application or will be excluded altogether. Subsequently, be sure to refer directly to the current year’s service guide. The carrier could change the cost of the surcharge fees or the application of weights or measurements anytime.

How can you reduce your surcharges?

FedEx surcharges can account for a large portion of a shipper’s shipping charges each week. The first step for any shipper is to quantify how much is spent on FedEx surcharge fees. Quantification is easy with the proper data and reporting. Incidentally, Refund Retriever can help with a robust service of reports and analytics. Once you have a handle on the extent of the problem, then a determination can be made on how to lower FedEx surcharge fee costs. Lowering accessorial fees can be accomplished with education or having the FedEx carrier agreement modified. Therefore, contact us at Refund Retriever to get started.

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