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Do you ship? Get the refunds you deserve!

Sign up, sit back, get paid.

Do you ship? Get the refunds you deserve!

Sign up, sit back, get paid.


Taxjar Guest Blog Post “On Time or It’s Free” Service Guarantee, Explained

May 25, 2016

For all but a few services, FedEx and UPS offer a free, money-back guarantee. Begin by visiting or to learn if the money-back guarantee applies to your shipment. If UPS or FedEx makes a delivery later than their time commitment, you are entitled to receive a credit for the shipping charges. Ground packages are also included, they are guaranteed to arrive by a certain day.

These GSR late package refunds are only provided upon request. In other words, while UPS & FedEx offer a great money-back guarantee policy on late deliveries, they don’t necessarily make it easy to get these refunds, nor do they automatically give you refund credits. That would be too easy!

Do All Late Packages Get a Refund?

You may be wondering if all late packages get a refund. Well, the answer is ‘NO.’ There are some exclusions and restrictions:

  • Smart Post or Mail Innovations
  • Events beyond UPS or FedEx control
    • Weather Delay
    • Customs Delay
    • Factors not in carriers’ control
  • 15 Day Time Limit to Claim Late Package Refunds Exceptions

Once a refund for a late package is issued, it will appear on the current FedEx or next UPS invoice as a credit. This will either reduce the amount you owe or lessen the amount of a future invoice depending on the carrier.


Contract Negotiation Tips

The carrier contract negotiation process can be an overwhelming and intimidating task to tackle. However, reading the fine print can mean huge savings to your bottom line. UPS and FedEx contracts include numerous variables and surcharges that determine the final cost of a package. Here are some tips for you to consider next time you negotiate your UPS or FedEx agreement.

  • You can re-negotiate and review contracts at any time.
  • Negotiate on almost all rates and surcharges, but don’t try to negotiate everything. Put efforts into areas that have the greatest impact on your bottom line.

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