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Seller’s Guide to Prepare for Amazon Prime Day – 5 Tips

By Last updated on: June 15, 2021

What is Prime Day

Prime Day is a significant online shopping event that kicks off in the middle of June or July annually. It started as a one-day event, but Amazon has since expanded that; this year, it will feature 48 hours of pure deal madness. Amazon claims that Prime Day is more significant than Black Friday and Cyber Monday! 2021 marks the 7th annual Prime Day event hosted by Amazon. The shopping event is exclusive to people who are Amazon Prime members. 

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Prime Day

When is Prime Day 2021? 

Amazon Prime Day 2021 starts on June 21st, just after midnight, and runs through the end of June 22nd. This is a full 48 hours! 

Tips for Amazon Prime Day 2021 

Tip 1: Stock up on inventory

Due to the increased number of shoppers on Prime Day, sellers must have a high-stocked inventory, especially your best-selling products. You don’t want to go out of stock when a crowd of potential buyers comes around.

Tip 2: Amazon Coupons  

Don’t have products eligible for Prime Day? Or did you miss the May 10th deadline for Lightning Deals? No problem! Amazon Coupons are the answer. These are a great way to grab the attention of the bargain-hunting shopper. The coupons are set at a dollar amount or percentage-off, and the merchant funds the discount. Buyers might be so focused on finding cheap deals that they skim straight past products without the Lightning Deal label. However, coupons tag each product with an unmistakable discount label, guaranteeing visibility on every page and granting customers a discount of their choice. A coupon will only become active two days after you have created it — at the earliest. Therefore, you should set a reminder for the beginning of July. 

Tip 3: Optimize your ads 

Here are some tips to prepare your content:

  • Ensure product titles accurately represent your products. Furthermore, meet the character minimums and maximums Amazon has set. Also, check both desktop and mobile views.
  • Have at least three images per listing and offer zoom functionality wherever possible.
  • Make sure feature bullets vary by item and are descriptive without being too wordy.

Focus on optimizing and promoting your well-performing products. As a rule, they will receive much more visibility and sell better, thus increasing your ROI and improving your sales rank on Amazon.

Tip 4: Be social! 

Drive traffic to Amazon by spreading the word about your Amazon Seller Prime Day campaign. Use #AmazonPrimeDay and a link to your deals in email blasts, social media posts, and paid traffic. Brands with a large social media following or email lists can get a big leg-up over competitors. Use that advantage to drive traffic to your page.

Tip 5: Set up Account with Refund Retriever to get FBA seller refunds. 

Refund Retriever makes sure every FBA product you list on Amazon is either sold, in stock, or receives a full refund. Our system tracks the entire product cycle for each of your items. Especially Amazon prime sales. Refund Retriever’s tracking process ensures all inventory is accounted for, and you receive refunds for everything you deserve. To learn more about our auditing tool, click here.

Prime Day
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