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Protect your UPS account against security breaches

Shipping is a fundamental part of all e-commerce companies and most other industries. As a result, what would happen if your UPS account was hacked? A UPS security breach could be disastrous for any company. Let’s examine some best practices to limit unapproved UPS access by hackers attempting a brute-force…

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Wanna Cry? No tears here!

You may have heard about the large cyber attack that affected computers all over the world on May 12, 2017, known as “Wanna Cry” (also known as “Wanna Crypt” and by other names). This affected universities, hospitals, and companies large and small all over the world (including our friends over…

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What Happens If My Packages Are Stolen?

In today’s world, there is guaranteed to be an increase in packages stolen from your doorstep. Porch Pirates will closely follow a delivery truck and take merchandise as soon as the driver is out of sight. A report from August Home Inc. found nearly 11 million U.S. homeowners have had…

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