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FedEx Dimensional Weight (DIM)

Dimensional (DIM) weight pricing is the carriers’ way of encouraging parcel shippers to optimize box sizes. This discourages wasted space inside the boxes, which destroys room in their trucks. The package’s DIM weight replaces the billable weight if it’s higher than the physical weight. Standard FedEx DIM weight calculation, the…

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UPS Over Maximum Limit Charge Have you at your Limit?

In 2011, United Parcel Service began charging more to handle oversized packages. Over maximum limit packages are heavier or larger than average, therefore costing UPS more internally to process. They are passing on the cost to the shippers and making more profit. How much is the UPS over maximum charge?…

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Freight Retriever Rate Comparison

Refund Retriever has teamed up with Freight Cowboy to make LTL and truckload freight as easy as shipping a FedEx or UPS package. In just a few easy steps you can see a savings of 15-25% off your current rates by assessing our negotiated contract rates based on a billion…

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Dimensional Weight DIM for UPS & FedEx

DIM Weight Calculations

UPS Ground and FedEx Ground Home Delivery modify their shipping rates each year. Rates will be based on the size of the package. This pricing program is known as Dimensional Weight Pricing, also referred to as DIM Weight. Since 2007, UPS and FedEx have only used DIM weight for packages…

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Why 71 lbs Can be Bad News for a Shipper

Can just one pound of weight significantly affect your shipping costs? Absolutely! 71lbs is a bad weight for small parcel shipping, FedEx and UPS in particular. Pro tip: keep your shipments at 70 pounds or less if you can help it. UPS can tack on many additional charges to your…

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