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Do you ship? Get the refunds you deserve!

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Creating The Perfect Shipping Policy

By Last updated on: September 17, 2019

No matter how good your product or customer service, a poor shipping policy is enough to drive anyone away. Too many businesses don’t spend enough time on their shipping policy. It can affect the business in a major way. Why?

Firstly, you have to make sure that your shipping prices and times can compete among the very best; you want to look professional and therefore should offer a competitive service. However, you also need a little bit of room to surprise the customer, this way you can’t lose. If it arrives on time then it is what they expected. If it arrives earlier they will be more likely to return as well as recommend to others. So, what makes the perfect shipping policy?

Careful Wording

It is always better to over-deliver than to under-deliver. Think about the times you have ordered something online, you feel a lot happier about the service if it was delivered faster than expected. If you say delivery will take 4 days, the customer has bought your product expecting that it will take that long. If it turns up sooner, they will feel great and pleasantly surprised. Late packages will lead to unhappy customers and potentially, refunds.

For this reason, your customer has to know where they stand so they aren’t buying your product/service without knowing everything in advance and your policy should reflect this.


When customers are buying a product, they like to know every charge before they even enter the transaction. There is nothing worse than accepting a price only to find that a shipping charge is going to be added. Be upfront with your customers and make them aware of any shipping costs. The whole world is well aware that one or two-day ‘extra-fast’ shipping will cost more than an average delivery so they won’t mind as long as they are told at the beginning. Similarly, high volume shipping is likely to cost more so your customers will need to be told early on as they are more than likely comparing your services to others on the market.


It is easy to be scared of feedback. Many think that none is better than bad but it can be really important to help your business grow. Poor feedback will help you to realize the areas that need improving. Good feedback will give you the motivation to continue. Furthermore, you can gain loyalty if you realise a problem and offer to replace a faulty product or even shipping discounts in the future. Sure, this may cost a little now but in the long run, it can do wonders for your reputation.

Ultimately, a shipping policy is a vital part of a business and needs to be considered carefully. Many top-quality products have fallen by the wayside simply because their shipping policy was poor, don’t let that be you!

How Refund Retriever Can help You

Shipping is very important, so it’s only fitting that you have the best services in the palm of your hand. Refund Retriever will find the shipping refunds that are owed to you by UPS and FedEx, which in return, saves you a lot of time and money. Since 2006, our in-house proprietary parcel invoice auditing software cuts your costs monthly. 5-10% of packages arrive late, even if it’s late by 60 seconds, you are entitled to a full refund!

We track and estimate all shipments, determine what’s late, contact FedEx and UPS for each refund request, and then verify that the refund was applied.  Are you getting the rate discount your volume deserves? You’ve negotiated with the carrier for a certain level of discounts for each service. But how do you compare to other companies shipping at a similar volume? With our small parcel rate discount benchmarking report, you can see this easily! There are no setup, monthly, or cancellation fees…We don’t charge you unless we’re saving you money! If you’re struggling with shipping and need to recover costs, have Refund Retriever do it for you so you can get back to making money with your business.

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Brian Gibbs founded Refund Retriever in 2006 while running his first eBay-based business and seeing the shortcomings of other shipment auditing companies. Refund Retriever's primary focus is FedEx and UPS parcel invoice auditing. After graduating from Texas A&M University in 2001, he graduated from the University of Houston in 2004 with a JD and MBA. Gibbs has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, and other publications discussing parcel auditing, shipping, e-commerce, and more. Learn more at or call (800) 441-8085 for more information.

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