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Amazon Prime Ghost Delivery Notification

By Last updated on: December 2, 2016

The holidays are here, and shipping volume has increased greatly for FedEx, UPS and USPS. This year we noticed many retailers that offered Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals all week long during Thanksgiving week, and continuing on to this week making it Cyber week. Amazon started their deals a few days early to ensure that everyone gets their packages early. On November 21, one of our employee’s relatives placed an order Amazon Prime order for 4 items for an overseas trip guaranteeing that the package would arrive by November 23rd, the day before Thanksgiving. This is her story.

refund-retriever-amazon-usps-not-deliveredMy family and I were all home prepping for our Thanksgiving feast the next day when I was notified via the Amazon app that the package had been delivered by USPS and left at the front door, there was nothing there. A few hours earlier there was one delivery made by UPS, this was from a different order placed from Amazon. In the evening another delivery was made for multiple packages via USPS that were left by the front door. There had to be at least 8 boxes and bubble envelopes of various sizes, my dad’s Amazon order had yet to show up.

He walked to our neighborhood mailbox unit to see if it might be there. Sometimes USPS puts a key in our mail locker to open a larger locker that often hold packages, this wasn’t the case either. If you recall last week we posted a blog about Porch Pirates and I found it rather ironic that this might have happened to us! Did someone wait till the USPS truck was gone to go and take the package off of our front porch?refund-retriever-amazon-didnt-deliver-2




The next morning we called Amazon Customer Service to notify them that we did not receive the package that they said was delivered. We asked to have the items re-shipped Next Day since my dad was leaving Friday afternoon. The customer service rep said to wait till 5pm that day to see if the package arrives, if it doesn’t they said they would issue us a refund for that order. We went on with our Thanksgiving festivities at home that day but nothing was delivered to our house. We got a follow up call from Amazon that night and we let them know that the package was still not delivered. They apologized profusely and said that they would refund us for the package.

On Friday my dad went to purchase items to replace those that were supposed to come in the package. While he was pulling up to the driveway a USPS truck came and finally delivered the package! It was 2 days late.

I called Amazon again to ask how often or why the tracking said “delivered” when it wasn’t actually delivered till 2 days later. They didn’t have a definite answer for this but said that the carrier must have marked the package incorrectly. I looked up the tracking number and it was never updated. What if the packages you send out through UPS or FedEx are delivered late but they marked delivered and on-time?refund-retriever-incorrect-usps-tracking

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