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DHL Goes Green…

By Last updated on: January 17, 2019

Effective July 1, 2018, DHL will start charging customers a $3 printed invoice charge per parcel invoice. We received the following email alerting us of the changes soon to come:

DHL Billing

Dear Customer, In line with our company’s wide-ranging GoGreen initiative to protect the environment, here at DHL we continue to look for ways to limit our use of paper. 

That’swhy, going forward, we will be offering electronic invoicing as our preferred billing method. 
A review of your account(s) shows you have already begun the journey to GO GREEN with us by registering for the DHL MyBill service. To ensure your account is not charged for redundant paper invoicing, your account(s) will be updated to remove paper invoicing from your profile on June 1, 2018. 
Effective July 1, 2018, customers who choose to continue receiving paper invoices will be assessed a $3 Printed Invoice charge per freight invoice (US Customs duty paper invoicing excluded from charges) 
If you wish to continue receiving paper invoicing with the $3 fee imposed, please submit an email to no later than close of business on May 31, 2018. Be sure to provide all your account numbers to avoid having paper invoicing turned off. 

What does this mean for DHL users?

DHL will automatically update user accounts to remove paper invoicing on June 1, 2018, to ensure no charges for redundant paper invoicing, After calling DHL to confirm the following changes and the correct protocol to avoid this $3 charge, we learned that DHL MyBill will be replacing DHL EzyBill. DHL MyBill has many benefits:

  • Faster communication and less paperwork

  • Dedicated AR Billing & Account Management functions

  • Dashboard feature that displays invoice status

  • Online checking and credit card payment options

  • Quick and simple to file a dispute

Will FedEx and UPS soon follow?

Currently, FedEx and UPS do not charge for paper invoices. A user can either have paper invoices or online billing, not both. There seems to be a push toward electronic billing, this could be the justification to allow FedEx and UPS to eliminate all paper invoices. Stay tuned…

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