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Amazon Feedback Request Strategies (8 PROVEN METHODS).

By Last updated on: July 7, 2022

An effective Amazon feedback request strategy is vital to success. Strategies will boost your reviews from a marketing standpoint and understand customer behavior. Now, unsolicited reviews are fantastic. But leaving your “Digital Word Of Mouth” to chance can be considered a rookie move. 

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As a vendor, your number one priority is SALES. Everyone knows buyers purchase products from brands they trust through consistent communication, authority, proof, or word of mouth. Word of mouth marketing is easily one of the most potent factors for sales, and reviews are word of mouth in digital form. They help to infuse TRUST, which precedes the SALE. Therefore as an Amazon seller, you are no exception to this principle.

Here are eight proven strategies to get your products and brand into the Amazon Buy Box (synonymous with the first page of Google), where over 80% of buying on the platform takes place.

Product Inserts

The first Amazon feedback request strategy is utilizing product inserts. Product inserts are one of the most effective strategies for getting reviews because it has a domino effect. Inserting cards in product packages is not just a fantastic proven strategy for asking customers for reviews but also channeling them to your socials or landing pages.

A simple, friendly, aesthetically pleasing card will thank them for their purchase, ask for a review on Amazon, and link them to social media. This can quickly become the beginning of building a personal email list of your customers and creating brand awareness. An actual marketing domino effect.

Amazon Feedback Request Strategies

Use Amazon Request A Review Feature

Even Amazon understands that leaving reviews, referrals, and testimonials to chance is poor marketing. Therefore, the platform created a Request a Review feature. This allows vendors to send a product and seller review request written by Amazon and sent to specific buyers. 

3RD Party Automated Review Request

Always automate standard, repetitive tasks. Using Amazon’s Request a Review feature has its limitations. Namely, you can only send it to one customer at a time. Thus automation will save a lot of time if you use software to request reviews.

Other benefits include the authenticity, customization, and effectiveness of using your own words and targeting language. As opposed to using Amazon’s very plastic and ignorable bot-like message.

Amazon’s Vine Program

Amazon created Amazon’s vine program to connect its sellers to reviewers (vine voices). People who receive free products in exchange for reviews.

This is one of the viable ways of racking positive reviews for a new product as a seller. The vine program is specifically for brand registered sellers. You need to provide 30 units of your new product. As a rule, the product in question must have fewer than 30 reviews. In conclusion, this is a no-brainer Amazon feedback request strategy if you’re an Amazon seller with a new product. 

Retarget Customers

This is for sellers who put the number 1 strategy on the list to work, product inserts. Every customer who follows through with your call to action on the product inserter is a step closer to not just giving you a positive review but buying again.

If you understand and use basic email and social media (Facebook) marketing, you can funnel customers to your platforms outside Amazon and make loyalists of them.

Build Strong Immunity To Negative Amazon Reviews

Before applying all the marketing and review hacks here, a great product and exceptional customer service should be at the foundation. These are the core business and marketing principles regardless of what you sell or your platform of choice.

The better your product (features, benefits, functionality, results, packaging) and customer service (response, diffusing customer challenges)…the higher your chances of not just getting positive reviews but avoiding negative ones.

The idea of implementing other feedback request strategies isn’t to camouflage mediocrity and a lousy product. In conclusion, have a great product! Provide exceptional Customer service.

Check Seller Feedback

This is another excellent Amazon feedback request strategy, especially if you put number 6 to use. Most customers leave great reviews in the Seller Feedback section that would easily make fantastic product reviews.

Reach out as soon as this happens and ask if they could write the same or similar thing in your Product review section.

Seller feedback can also neutralize negative reviews, and Amazon can take down product reviews in the seller feedback upon complaint. If there’s a bad product review in your Seller’s feedback, reach out to Amazon, and they’ll take it down. 

Strategic Amazon Request Timing

Understanding customer psychology is everything in online marketing. Creating a great product isn’t complete without sending the perfect offer at the RIGHT TIME. Knowing WHEN to request a review takes a lot of tact and wit.

  • Send request thirty days after order completion for health or fitness products which takes time for visible results. 
  • Send request about five days after order completion for small consumable products.
  • Generally, avoid sending in requests too early before customers use and experience your product.
    • Thus you don’t seem desperate and salesy.

Understanding the full scope of your product use and customer psychology is crucial and goes a long way in your review request timing.

Amazon Feedback Request Strategies

An effective Amazon feedback request strategy is vital to success. Leaving online reviews to chance is a dangerous game. Automate, understand, implement and take note of everything you need to do to create a ceaseless flow of consistent great product and seller reviews. Lastly, contact us for a complete Amazon FBA audit. Our services audit for damaged or lost inventory and incomplete returns.

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