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Online Retail and Porch Pirates: How to Keep Customers Happy

By Last updated on: November 22, 2019

Holiday season means more sales, but also more lost and stolen packages. This graph shows how frequently customers search for “stolen package” on Google, and interestingly – there are major spikes every holiday season.

stolen package

What do you do when a package is lost or stolen while on its way to a customer? Some companies ask customers to file claims with carriers, some file themselves, and some refund or reship at a loss. If you haven’t heard already: That’s old school. Over 1,000 sites are already surfing a better wave. So how can companies protect their customers from porch pirates?

Route Leads the Charge of a New Industry in E-Commerce and Stolen Packages

Route is a new service that allows customers the option to buy shipping insurance at checkout for 98¢. From there, if a customer has a shipping issue, Route automatically repurchases those items from your store so you get a second sale, and they are sent to the customer through your normal process. ALL. FREE. TO. YOU. And for you eCommerce gurus, it’s obvious: that means more purchases of your products too.

In 2020, online shopping is going to change forever. With over 100,000 customers on the Route App waiting list, merchants are lining up to offer it to their customers so they can offer Route’s post-purchase experience to customers. With what Evan Walker, Route CEO, says, “10 years of new features,” for the post-purchase eco-system.

A Solution for the Porch Pirate Season

How Can YOU Protect YOUR Online Store?

It’s rare to find a solution that’s not costly or takes serious renovation; however, a new service hit e-commerce this year that’s free for merchants. In less than 6 months, over 1,000 merchants adopted it, including thought leaders in every vertical like Chubbies Shorts, Zinus Mattress, and Pura Vida.

3 reasons why Route makes sense:

  1. Carriers hire a lot of temp workers for the holidays
  2. Q4 ships almost as much volume as Q1-Q3 combined
  3. Porch pirates are aware of this influx so they are out stealing packages

Tell Me More.

porch pirates

Route allows customers to purchase 98¢ shipping protection at checkout. When your customer experiences a stolen, lost, or damaged package, Route repurchases the items from your store, and they’re sent out to the customer within 24 hours.

According to Route, the average attachment rate is 52%, meaning you cover over half your store – for free. In 2018 Ring conducted a study that claimed 1 in 5 homes experienced a stolen package that year. That doesn’t include lost/damaged issues.

stolen package

Bangs Shoes (210K IG Followers) asked customers if they want the option, and received an overwhelming, “yes.”

Other brands, such as Zinus Mattress, have reported up to a 30% decrease in customer service volume.

Overall, Route is a new innovative way to protect your brand against porch pirates this season. Click here to learn more, or download Route for your website. Happy holiday shopping and shipping this coming season!

Matthew Smith

Author Matthew Smith

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Matt is a former high school English teacher and has founded several e-commerce companies, but now he eats, breathes and sleeps, e-commerce. In his free time, you can find him snowboarding in Park City, surfing in San Clemente, or riding a dirt bike across the country.

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