Refund Retriever Blog: FedEx & UPS shipment Auditing and Refunds

What is FedEx One Rate flat rate shipping?

FedEx One Rate is a flat rate shipping pricing option that more large volume shippers are exploring. The service was introduced in 2013 and available for qualifying FedEx Express U.S. shipments in FedEx Express packaging. FedEx One Rate pricing is an alternative to FedEx Standard List Rates, account specific rates…

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UPS Daily vs UPS Retail Rates

UPS-Daily-VS-UPS-Retail-Rates Refund Retriever

Many shippers do not realize there are two sets of package rates for all UPS services. The amount you pay for shipping is dependent on a few factors. Therefore it is important to ensure you are using the correct designation. Additionally, retail shipping rates might be completely different from the…

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UPS Fuel Surcharges

What are UPS Fuel Surcharges If your company ships UPS, you understand the impact UPS fuel surcharge has on shipping expenses. Fuel surcharges are extra fees UPS charges to cover the fluctuating cost of fuel. The calculation is a percentage of the base rate and added to the charges of each package. As…

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FedEx Oversize Charge

The FedEx oversize charge for many shippers is a shipping expense that cannot be avoided. Many shippers do not know what these are until the charge is on a FedEx invoice. Let’s look at the definition of the FedEx oversize charge, the price of FedEx oversize charge and FedEx peak season oversize…

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Ask The Experts: Lizzy of TaxJar

TaxJar is the leading technology solution for busy eCommerce sellers to manage sales tax, and is trusted by more than 15,000 businesses. They are proud to help businesses and developers spend less time on sales tax and more time growing the businesses they love. We have seen so much made of SD…

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